Sunday, April 16, 2006

Day 8...ZOO!

XQ woke up very early today. The sky was cloudy but it didn't spoil his mood to go to the Zoo!

It was a happy and anxious 45min ride there.
It was bright and sunny when he reach there, talking about the weather in Singapore...
There were alot of people, mostly tourists...
Most Singaporeans will only come every...10 years...maybe more.
Mostly because of the ticket price S$15/each!
There's a few shows available...most important thing is IT'S FREE!
Wonders of the Wild 10.30am and 1.30pm
Elephants At Work & PlayVenue 11.30am & 3.30pm
Animal Friends 12.30pm & 4.00pm
Here we go!
Better drink up before going deeper, might not be easy to find water in there.
There's Horse Carraige rides, it costs $8/per person...maybe it's free to Cockroaches, if i didn't get stomped by the horsee.
Nicceee kitttyyy...
Took many pictures with the animals there. Kinda make me pity the animals, though they are not threatened here, they live a lazy boring life, all they do is eat sleep walk around in their tiny space...some were lucky to have a mating partner.
Uhhhh....ahhh....a high tech vending machine with TV! And i thought it might be difficult to find water in here...
HEYYY!!!! MY COUSINS! From America! There's Aunt Lucy, Uncle George, Uncle Tom, Cousin Amy, Cousin Jack, Aunt Po....

And I made new friends there! This cute little girl call Jan almost 2yrs old(David's niece).

Another cute girl call Belle almost 8 yrs old (David's niece too), who 'helped' out in the navigation.

There's Mr Toad...scary fella...

Mr Giraffe, who gave me a ride to the exit.

Uhhh...what a fun trip to the Zoo! Too bad i didn't get to watch the FREE shows, maybe next time...See ya Orang 10 years!


chup said...

the relative shot so blur

XQ said...

you mean the cockroaches shot?
i was in a very dim lighted pian lousy camera.

Anonymous said...

buy canon a700~!!!

XQ said...

who...who said that?
no $$$$