Monday, April 10, 2006

Day 2...Version 2...

Version 2 IS DONE! YEAAH! With a makeover photography! uhhhh.... ahhhh.....

And i took half the time to finish it, compared to Version 1, and it look 100% better too!!! Colors are stronger, not that broken up, colored the feelers, happy facial expression, better porportioned. I'm getting better in this! LOOK BELOW!

I look forward to taking XQ all over Singapore and World to take photos. That's why there's XQ EverywherE!
And i look forward to making SANTA Version and Dog Version of XQ and of course XQ's friends. You can see XQ's friends in the Christmas Card i've done for last year. view
HAHA! Now i got a new hobby! COOL!

I did something for fun, it's call TURN, it's actually Version 2's turnabout. view

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tophat said...

HAHWHAHAHAH yeah the turn about flahs thing is very amusing

yah u r definatly getting good at claying kakakak

got lobag to manufact mus tell me leh i also wan

ChupIsGreat said...

check this our baby

XQ said...

Hey i just did a search on Singapore toy manufacturer in yellow pages. Got 8 of them.