Sunday, September 24, 2006

XQ Comic 4th

This is comic strip intended for this week's 联合早报, but it wasn't chosen.
No worries~! 再接再厉!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

XQ in UK

Yep, XQ in United Kingdom UK~!

Thanks to Sze Sze to make this happen~! She pasted some stickers at different places~

No i neber bluff~ It's really UK~! Look at the building~!
Huddersfield was always known as a Market Town, since Saxon times, but since the local Polytechnic gained University status, certain 'Up-market' elements of the town have insisted on calling it a University Town. (Wikipedia)
Close up~
ok...i type till here, my room light black out... now using a table lamp to finish this post...
Sze told me she had trouble pasting this sticker, as it's very high up~ thx for the effort~!
London/Thames River
The Thames provided the major highway between London and Westminster in the 16th and 17th centuries. The clannish guild of watermen ferried Londoners from landing to landing and tolerated no outside interference.
Close up~
London/Thames River
London/Thames River
London Portobello Market
It's the mostfamous markets in the world and is internationally recognised for its second-hand and antique sections, mostly remembered from the Disney film "Bed knobs and Broomsticks" and more recently the film "Notting Hill". Its history and culture span approximately 300 years of existence. (
Close up~
Piccadilly, to the north is Mayfair stretching from Piccadilly Circus to Hyde Park Corner, is one of London's most famous streets. It contains a number of high class hotels, most notably The Ritz, and shops selling expensive luxury items such as Fortnum & Mason.
\The name Piccadilly arises from a tailor (Robert Baker) who sold Picadils - a type of stiff collar in vogue in the seventeenth century - in a shop in The Strand. He went on to purchase a lot of land and had a mansion built there around 1612, and this subsequently became known as became known as the Piccadilly Hall. Later the house was knocked down and a street built on the land.

Thanks again to Sze to take these wonderful pictures~ UK is really a nice place to visit with alot of Historical sites~ Hope to visit there myself, one day~ Envy XQ...
This is the little intro of the "XQ EverywherE Magnet Campaign" i'm coming up~ Placing XQ magnets anywhere and everywhere~! Magnets i believe will not be considered vadalism as it will not cause a permanent damage to a property, than stickers.... Those who would like to take up this mission~ please let me know~! I promise it'll be fun~! (if done with your friends)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

XQ Fanz~ -> Tristan <-

Can you tell us a bit about youself?
My name is Tristan ( or shuangyuren for my nickname) . im 15 yrs old student, a very laidback(or lazy) guy, also a fan for anything japanese.

How do you get to know XiaoQiang (XQ)?
I get to XQ through the comics in Lian He Zhao Bao, and i went to the address given. Then from its website, I found the blog. This is my first encounter with this little cockroach.

What's the first impression XQ gave you, and why?
Well, I was quite impressed to its creator. He is able to transform a pest that most people hate to something so funny and cute ! Then when i read the entries in the blog, my impression of XQ got better, he is such a interesting and funny cockrach!!

Where would you like XQ to appear in, in near future?
(eg: story books, comic books, merchandise, clothes, toys, etc)

I would like to see a variety of merchandise of XQ, like its keychains and HP accessories. It would be a great plushie for kids,and maybe its mascot at carnivals !! If possible, maybe XQ can have its own online games etc!

Any other comments?
No other comments for the moment

That's Tristan~ Welcome to XQ Club~ Feel so high when i impress ppl~~ hahahaha~! Keep the mails coming~! Don't be shy~! XQ Club is a friendly and nice community~! YEAHH~!!!!
(hope Mae is happy to c a handsome young fanz to join her~)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006 add ons

Added a new index page, which will let users know if they have Flash 8 player or above to view the website. Those who dun want to view that page, please add to favourite.

Added a new Right-Click Menu~ which links to my portfolio page~
anyone wanna buy Right-Click Menu Space?~ hhahahaha~

will add on Artworks page very soon~

Tt's all folks, for today~


Monday, September 18, 2006 minor update

Contact page now have a new look~ do take a peep while you are at the site~

After a loooong consideration, i've decided to remove "news" page from the site, because if there's any updates i usually post it here, and most of us drop by here instad of "news" page to check out for updates, therefore i find "news" page redundant. (update also easier...heeh)

Now working on Artworks page and About page. Alot of friends ask me, what is XQ? Why i create XQ, how did XQ come about... it's very common questions you'll ask urself when u go to a brand new site, so i think adding that will create a place for me to answer all the questions and a place to gather my thoughts. -

Thinking back how i created XQ clay models which in turn started this blog, which was a very facinating journey. XQ travelled from Boat Quay and all the way to Taipei, making his marks and memories was incredibly enjoyable. Then now he had his own website, appearing in comics on papers... which was planned but just didn't guess it happened this fast. I can say it was luck and seeds i planted, starts to be sowed. I'm very glad i have a very supportive family and very supportive friends around me and now i have supportive fanz too~ with all that strength, XQ and I will strive, strive to be a new Singapore icon, Singapore's pride, where Singaporeans will be proud to tell the whole world, XQ is born in Singapore, our country, our home.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

XQ on 联合早报 NOW (3rd week)

We're very proud of 洪文, he's comic strip has continuously been on 联合早报 NOW for the 3rd weeek~

XQ: *yayyyy~~!* *jump around*
We'r are happy too~ his unselfish act of adding XQ's website below his comic has generated quite some awareness and publicity for us~

XQ: *yayyyy~~!!!!* *jump around*
And glad to hear a few people out there finding XQ acceptable and adorable~ as...

XQ: *yayyyy~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* *jump around*
D: *静静啦!*
er hem... as, i was afriad that using cockroach as the main character might not be acceptable by many. Gd thing it turned out otherwise, but i heard from a few too, they can't accept XQ, and still find him disgusting... i still respect that... just feel sad to hear it... hor XQ~

XQ: *ignore*
D: *小气鬼!*

XQ's website Downloads page is updated with more freebies:

  1. 10 wallpapers
  2. 1 screensaver
  3. 12 emoticons
  4. 10 avatars


Those who have put up their supporters' banner for XQ please take note~!
Please go to Downloads page to get the new code with the new link for the banners, as i'm removing the old ones soon~

Sorry for the inconvenience caused~
Thank you for supporting XQ~!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

XQ Fanz~ -> Mae <-

幸福的小强... y izzit always him?
XQ : *evil grin*

Here's a little 'interview' i did with Mae via email~

Can you tell us a bit about youself?
I am 24 years old this year and I am trying to figure out what I wanted to be in life. I don't have any hobbies but I do have a goal now, is to silm down! Going to lose that 4 kgs! I am a happy person when with friends. I can't be left alone, if not my thoughts would run wild!
How do you get to know XiaoQiang (XQ)?
I get to know XQ by ZB Sunday's Now comics section. I laughed when the boy wanted a pet and then it's a XQ!!! And then your blog , I knew it thru when 10 Asia Blog Award are being nominated. So I click and found out more about XQ.
What's the first impression XQ gave you, and why?
First impression when the name XiaoQiang came to my mine is a cockroach. I was feeling a bit frightened cuz I am afraid of pests! Then I begin to like him cuz U created him more like a pet, not a pest! But of cuz, I wouldn't have the REAL XQ.....

Where would you like XQ to appear in, in near future?
(eg: story books, comic books, merchandise, clothes, toys, etc)

I would like to have the HP accessories, the HP chains, figurine, stickers, magnets, notepad, t-shirts, bookmarks, HP screen saver, tunes. Comics too! Animations like more to education type, catch little children's attention and also the parents would know lor! Something like the SHI WAN GE WEI SHEN ME!
Any other comments?
Hmmm... Not that I can think of now. Maybe your website still not fully exposed yet. And then hor.. I can't see the animations lei!!!

It's gd to hear from people who likes XQ~ At least i can listen to their comments, and improve and work towards to. Anyone who supports XQ please drop me a mail, tell me what you think of XQ~

Sunday, September 10, 2006

XQ on 联合早报 NOW (2nd week)

XQ is on Sunday 联合早报 NOW, comic section for the 2nd week~! Nice work done by 吴洪文 here's his profile, which will be featured in XQ website, together with his while series of comics.
Here's XQ's chracter drawing~~!

XQ website is targeting to be a centre where unfounded talents can display and showcase their works to the world, and hopefully open doors to further develope his/her talent and career~
Anyone out there who have a talent in any field, but do not know where to showcase their works, you could contact me at
we can work out something~
only one catch~ tt's to include XQ into your work.

XQ got it's very first fan mail~ from Mae Siew, she got to know XQ from the comic posted on 联合早报 last week. Here i want to really thank her, a mail from her made me feel, i didn't create XQ for nothing and all the hard work is worth it~ And it gave me a refill of synergy to work harder~ Will have a little interview with her very soon~

XQ animation section has been improved, by looks and navigation, and you'll get to know what animations are coming up~ Look out for it~ And i've been improving other section too. Then i'll add the new section in which was mentioned last Sunday~ EXCITING~!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

In Memories of Steve Irwin "The Crocodile Hunter"

"Steve was killed during a filming expedition on the Great Barrier Reef. While we are still collecting specific details, it was a rare accident in which Steve swam over a stingray and was stung by its barb in his chest. A doctor on board Croc One, Steve's research vessel, was unable to resuscitate Steve and by the time he was reached by the rescue helicopter he had passed away."
(Adapted from Animal Planet )

Very shocking news...we love watching Steve Irwin's show "The Crocodile Hunter", as he wrestles with the crocs. His shows promotes conservation and saving endangered animals, and encourages ppl to get to know the animals up close and personal, so tt they wun destroy their habitat and eventually wipe out the entire species, which will be a great loss... though he now left us...but his passion and conservation spirit will be carried on...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

XQ on 联合早报

Great news comes on Sundays~! & Great luck is pouring into XQ~!
XQ alias with 吴洪文 comic artist whose comics (小剑王)can be found on Sundays' 联合早报.
He added XQ into his comic as another character (小剑's pet).*NEWS FLASH*
XQ's website ( will be adding ARTWORKS section.
Which will include::
  1. Sketches - will showcase some old/new original sketches of XQ and friends
  2. Clay Models - all of XQ and friends' clay models will appear here.
  3. Friends' Art - Will have very unique styles of XQs, drawn by other artists~! If you wouls like to draw XQ in your own style, please email me the drawing, name, website link(if any) to
  4. Essay - Joining NOISE Competition gave me an inspiration to start having essays, (Chinese and English).