Sunday, September 17, 2006

XQ on 联合早报 NOW (3rd week)

We're very proud of 洪文, he's comic strip has continuously been on 联合早报 NOW for the 3rd weeek~

XQ: *yayyyy~~!* *jump around*
We'r are happy too~ his unselfish act of adding XQ's website below his comic has generated quite some awareness and publicity for us~

XQ: *yayyyy~~!!!!* *jump around*
And glad to hear a few people out there finding XQ acceptable and adorable~ as...

XQ: *yayyyy~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* *jump around*
D: *静静啦!*
er hem... as, i was afriad that using cockroach as the main character might not be acceptable by many. Gd thing it turned out otherwise, but i heard from a few too, they can't accept XQ, and still find him disgusting... i still respect that... just feel sad to hear it... hor XQ~

XQ: *ignore*
D: *小气鬼!*

XQ's website Downloads page is updated with more freebies:

  1. 10 wallpapers
  2. 1 screensaver
  3. 12 emoticons
  4. 10 avatars


Those who have put up their supporters' banner for XQ please take note~!
Please go to Downloads page to get the new code with the new link for the banners, as i'm removing the old ones soon~

Sorry for the inconvenience caused~
Thank you for supporting XQ~!


alson said...

hahah! freaking funny this comic for this week. u said for the 3rd consecutive week liao. must be hard to appear in it man. good job to ur fren xq!and his jokes kinda funny also. the xq lying on the table like tat. damn funny. hahaha!

XQ said...

yeah~ there's some competition to get the comic to appear, as what i've heard from my friends. Job well done~

chup said...


can start a XQ comic urself?

Mae said...

I just find that most of the people only know how to complain this and that but they themselves doesn't have any creativity or guts to make the first step in producing their own comics or dreams.

Keep it up!

And yes, I find XQ very funny, lying on the table saying "hello" coolly.

XQ said...

chup <- not anyone and everyone can send their comic strips to LHZB, their comic appear on papers... there's editors to choose the better ones.
Yes and no, i can start my own XQ comic yes, but i can't always do everything myself, and i can't manage, tt's y i ask friends to help out~
Mae <- Thx~ I wun expect everyone to like XQ, maybe becuase they are too detest about cockroaches...
yeah~ he's a lazy fella~ hahaha~

chup said...

hi mae..hihi~


Mae said...

Chup.. HiHi~ Hmmmm.. MEOW!

Anonymous said...


samuel said...

Wow, this blog is getting more and more happening sia. Feel happy for you XQ.

Mae said...

Jia You Jia You!!!!

Never give up your dreams!

U can do it!

Yeah.. XQ... don't just stick with ladies, can U find some hunks for the female fans too not??

XQ said...

Thanks everyone for the support~

洪文 <- i wun give up easily, not to worry~ XQ's now part of my life~

Sam <- yeah, good to hear new voices here~

Mae <- ah... hunks are all around...

shuangyuren said...

yeah now XQ is getting more supporters !!

XQ said...

Lets wencome shuangyuren to the club~

Mae said...

Yeah! Welcome onbaord Shuangyuren!

~ Clap Clap ~