Sunday, September 10, 2006

XQ on 联合早报 NOW (2nd week)

XQ is on Sunday 联合早报 NOW, comic section for the 2nd week~! Nice work done by 吴洪文 here's his profile, which will be featured in XQ website, together with his while series of comics.
Here's XQ's chracter drawing~~!

XQ website is targeting to be a centre where unfounded talents can display and showcase their works to the world, and hopefully open doors to further develope his/her talent and career~
Anyone out there who have a talent in any field, but do not know where to showcase their works, you could contact me at
we can work out something~
only one catch~ tt's to include XQ into your work.

XQ got it's very first fan mail~ from Mae Siew, she got to know XQ from the comic posted on 联合早报 last week. Here i want to really thank her, a mail from her made me feel, i didn't create XQ for nothing and all the hard work is worth it~ And it gave me a refill of synergy to work harder~ Will have a little interview with her very soon~

XQ animation section has been improved, by looks and navigation, and you'll get to know what animations are coming up~ Look out for it~ And i've been improving other section too. Then i'll add the new section in which was mentioned last Sunday~ EXCITING~!


Mae Siew said...

Wow! Thanks David for mentioning me! U had made my day too! Jia You on your comics, I love XQ!

XQ said...

No prob~
XQ loves to recieve fans'emails~
Spread the word around~~

chup said...

wah xiao qiang can talk leh!

alson said...

kaoz. alot of us also say love xq leh. how come never thank us. sibeh unfair.

XQ said...

XQ love alson too~
Thx Alson for the support too~
He's one great fan of XQ~
Continue to support XQ, you wun regret it~

Samuel said...

Do XQ love me too? But I will love XQ only if he love me first and not the other way round....hahaha


XQ said...

XQ love Samuel~
and love Joey
and love Chuanwen
and love Chup
and love Pine
and love David's whole family
and the whole wide world~!~!!!

alson said...

haha xq love alson. yeah! but how come my name not in the above list. kaoz.. hahah damn one grp of hard to please pple. hahahha

XQ said...

Alson ur name is in the list above the above list...