Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Day 54... XQ's Website Officially Up

  1. is officially up and running~!!!! (view)
    still undergoing massive construction...please stay tune for the official launch in very near future~!
  2. construction of XQ's gang is well underway~~ XQ's gang have a total of 15!!!!!! WAHHH~!!
  3. Added new features on the side bar: Google Search; Google Adsense; Picasa.
  4. i jus bought a fan for my room~~!!! WITH ROMOTE CONTROL!!! ZAI BA! -not related-

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Day 53... 小美

In the beginning...there's only XQ
But now...
see la see la!
GUARENTEE + CHOP 小馬哥? sigh...有其蟑螂必有其馬...

Monday, May 29, 2006

Day 52... 吃桌

Today we were invited to Yishun to "吃桌" (jiac toh)... Occasion...not sure till we reached there...only thing we knew was; we'r going to have a 9 course meal~!!! FREE~~~~!!!! and i can hear XQ's stomach grumbling miles away...

This is one of the biggest tentage we've seen...think can easily hold few thousand people inside...
Then we saw the occasion...
There was a puppet show nearby...only thing is that there's no chairs and no one watching, cause it's for the god to watch mah~ but feels a but errie
*stomach grumbling*

a lot of animals sacrifice in this kinda occasions...i wonder if this is right...


sooo many people~

long time since i've seen dragon dance~ XQ first time.His nagging level is so much higher than XQ...even XQ da buleh tahan!

it never ends...FOOD~!XQ meets Roast Chicken...*puuuuutttt*


Friday, May 26, 2006

Day 49... Mum's 65th Birthday

Today is mum's 65th Birthday~~
Tonight we planned a little Birthday dinner at home for mum.
Sis bought some Japanese Pork Cutlet, made from Black Pigs, which is a delicacy~and expensive too...
XQ just can't stopp staring at it... but we had to wait till everyone is here, before we start.
Here's the little Kitchen Slip...they charge the curry differently...
which cost...

this is free~ at the end of the day we didn't use it at all...and curry left half...wasted

then XQ...

AH HA~! Ok...that doesn't work...

no one will pity u one la! 貪吃鬼!Then sis went out to buy dinner, came back with brother and sis in law and cutey Jan.

Only 3 of us XQ 4... and we can't finish...

let have a break first before...BIRTHDAY CAKE~!Cake was bought by sis from Liang Court, small,simple, nice~! By then everyone's quite filled...esp XQ

Maybe this is why XQ can't slim down...

sayang...sayang...zhea zhea bully u ah, later beat her ok~



Thursday, May 25, 2006

Day 48... LAUGH AT THIS!

I found this video at my friend's blog. (view) Super duper funny~
It's gd to watch this when you feel down...LIVEN UP UR DAY~~
I'll try to think of something simple and funny for XQ too HAHAHA!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Day 44... Big Walk 2006

SUNDAY 21st May 2006 0700HRS
Today we woke up very early to join the yearly event; Big Walk.

We went to Macdonald to meet a friend (Nelson Lim)the crowd was amazing... could have 100k people here!just in case...WALK! NOT RIDE ON 小馬哥 la! ah bo call big walk~!there's people wearing weird half way there....

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Day 43... SteamBoat + CW Bday

XQ took 小馬哥 out today, introduced him to one of the delicacies call; STEAMBOAT

First, you need utensils,butter/oiland of course lots of FOOD!!!

These are ALIVE~~

Never watch how your food is prepared... we feel so cruel, watching the live prawns cooked in the hot boiling soup...then we put our angel aside and ENJOY~
MUA HAHAHAHAHA!!! EVIL~Steamboat is rarely eaten we'll have to cook fast eat fast~
The 4 other contenders are~

aye uncle~ steamboat no have satay lei...

...Birthday Boy~~~~~
"Happy Birthday to 大阿隆, Happy Birthday to 大阿隆..."

Satay Man - Samuel...
mystery woman - Joey
大耳隆 - Chuan Wen
MIW - Alson
Happy mid 20s Birthday ChuanWen! Will buy you a BIG present in Taiwan~
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