Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Day 24 & 25 SMOKING

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What XQ and I got in common is; WE HATE SMOKERS!!!!
Basically smoking is the MOST STUPID habit a human can pick up.
SMOKING cause/increase risks of these cancers;
Lung, Upper respiratory, Oesophagus, Bladder, Kidney, Stomach, Pancreas, Myeloid, Leukaemia...
The above are just a very few of the illesses a smoker can get, by prolonged smoking. It is a long term suicide mission.

And much money is wasted, lets say 1 pack cost $10, each day you have a pack so 365days including public holidays you spent $3 650 and 10 years $36 500. Of course this sum might not be so consistant, there's always a price increase for a pack, increase in 'dosage'. So minimumwill be $36 thousand 500 hundred spent to commit suicide...might as well jump from 18th floor, FREE! And you only suffer that few seconds free flight down till you hit the'll be dead before you finish saying "I WILL QUIT SMOKING"

I forced XQ to act as a naive victim of a SMOKER...sorry are a good mascot!
You can create awareness in a more cute way for youngsters! Ok, lets sell this idea to the
Health Promotion Board

The vey first thing of course is the introduction, someone hand you a cigarette and ask you to join them/'s fun...whatever crap
Or the more stupid screnario is you see these people smoke, uhhh... amazed by the smoke coming out of the mouth....holding the cigarette looks cool, i want to be cool~ i want to try...pass me one...
The next is a most common excuse for adults to go into smoking is... "i stress so i smoke la...more stress more smoke...pls smoke Mentol Light, best stress reliever for 5 minutes. Try one now!"

After trying the first, there's always a tell yourself....i won't get addicted one la! forth...fifth.....1 pack...2 pack....2 yrs...5'll still say "i won't get addicted one!!!"
Then the common self claim is... "this is my last cigarette, i'm not going to touch these filthy things again! NEVER!" the next day you bought another pack... "THIS IS MY LAST PACK! I'M NOT GOING TO BUY AGAIN! NEVER!" for the next 15 years everyday you'll keep doing this...
The next is "i'm a social smoker, i can quit anytime i want, c happy ornot la~ i'm not addicted, who say one i humtum him!"
There's more... "I'm not addicted to smoking....just that i want to have a cigarette between my's a habit liao, you know it's a habit not addiction" Then we as friends will nod our head with agreement....but in our mind we'll think "PLEASE LA!"

Have you ever seen a physically looking healthy person gradually became skinny and finally died... i have...
First is the near death experience and stayed in ICU for weeks because there's holes in the lung...and survived.
Around 10 years later his mind weren't sound...from having his radio being heard from 5 floors down to trying to kill his family members with an Indonesian Sword.
Years later from a 60kg or above to a 40kg+ or lesser man...much to only bones no flesh. Suffered appetite ... severe asthema... lungs deteriorating/not functional.
Till he finally decide to QUIT, but it was too late...
His last 2 years he kept going in and out of the hospital, average around 2-3 months once, he suffered and the whole family suffered with him too. It's not only the patient who is suffering, the whole family is.
Imagine this guy i'm talking about is you, do you want this to happen to you? Till nicotine takes over your mind and trying to kill your wife, kids, mother? Visiting hospital in your last few years of your life? Rather than using that money to visit other countries?

DEATH! Is the last stop for everyone, just sooner or later, was your life fulfilling?, how much did you suffer before the white cloth covers your head?, was your lungs black?, did you left your last words to your family, friends?, did you wish you didn't ever started smoking....?

I did this dedicated to my friends (you know who you are) who are smoking right now, who are still in Phrase 2, i hope you'll never go into Phase 4 because of Phase 1.

Visit HPB site for help and more information


chup said...

which mei mei?

XQ said...

who... what mei mei?

tophat said...

hhaha your Phrase 01 02 03 got the R. . should not have R

Anonymous said...

u wan which mei mei to quit

XQ said...

wrong spelling....i go change now~