Sunday, May 14, 2006

Day 36... 27091980

Today i met a person who's 同年同月同日生 as me!!!!!!!!!
Nearest was a day before me.

Finally after almost 26 years, i finally found one!!!!
Anyone out there also 27091980 ????


chuppie said...

can 同年同月同日死 also leh

XQ said...


sel said...


hi david~!

XQ said...

OI SELINA!!! ^_^

alson said...

faster get married. mai tu liao. muahah!~

XQ said...

HAHAHAHA! Alson U know who she is?~ she's the one who took over u after u left~ surprised~~~

Joe Joe said...

alson, that person is Ah Dawn lor..

btw, david my friend jus gave birth to her son. Birthday - 27 sept 2005..haa

XQ said...

Dawn...not Don ah~
very special leh the name: DAWN
*ding dong ding dong*
DAWN = a: Sunrise
b: Sunset
c: all of the above

alson said...

i noe she is dawn la... someone told me liao but i forgot who it was. hahah. don? udon mee. haha.

XQ said...

i got another friend call i thought spelling will be like tt heh~