Tuesday, March 27, 2007

小强漫画日记 之 《决心?》

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Will never happen on 29th~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

小强 *NEW* CLAY...

okok... these XQ clay are NEW here but done looong ago...

Come lets see the first one~
ahh... this is done for Syl, for her bday present, but it haven't reach to her yet, still at my 'showcase'... this is actually her online game character's class: "wizard".
Most difficult part of doing this clay is actually it's cape, 1st got to wrap round XQ, gotta get the size correct, then make it stick... then paint....
This clay is smaller than my other XQs as i feel the old ones are much too big to be carried around and for gifts... this XQ is around 4.5cm tall, old one 5.5cm

Ok next~
AH HA~! This is done for Rina, for her bday too... It's XQ with a Black Cat, the Black Cat is actually Rina's cat: INKI~ meow~~
I made the clay work in Aug 06, painted it in Oct 21 06, gave her on Jan 24 07... REASON it took me so long to get it painted as during Aug and on her bday eve and bday, rushing dealiness...so the clay was kept safely aside... till Oct Alson wanted to make a special card for the special someone at my place, then it reminded me to finish the paint-work... it wasn't easy as this clay looks big but actual size is around 3.5cm tall....smallest of all and i can dare say is one of my best work.
1st: XQ facial expression is perfect~ the nice innocent smile with head tilt aside in a sitting position.
2nd: Feel of it is v gd too~ just like a nice moment captured
3rd: I painted the cat's face~! Cat's head is merely 0.5cm, or even smaller...

Last but not least~
Done last Xmas, for Alson my gd friend, gone through thick and thin together~ VIEW HIS POST
I've drawn him in 小强漫画日记 before, and this is how he was drawn.
Not bday this time but Xmas Gift Exchange between my "gang". We drew lots to decide whom to give the present to, amazingly Alson chose me and i chose Alson...FWAH~! Shocking~!
I bought a V nice bracelet for him... but feel...not special enuf... so tt Xmas eve night i made this clay and paint it the next day, quite rushing as i decide it in the last min...
Xmas nite, when he opened the present haha~ he was v touched and shocked, feels nice tt he appreciates my hard work~ thx buddy!
ONE BAD THING IS:: i lost the studio shots of this model..... alson i need to bollow and shoot it...

For got to mention the packaging~! I put XQ in a V nice black box, inside sticked a XQ logo~ heh heh~! One and Only...even i dun have....

Tt's him with his JUJU and my XQ~ 幸福~!

We had loads of fun tt nite, bbq la, treasure hunt la, prize giving, gift exchange and then mahjong hahaha~! This is how Xmas should be celebrated~!!!! MUS DO IT THIS YR TOO~!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

小强漫画日记 之 《PEKCHEK》

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CW~! TODAY @ 2256hrs we made a promise, who breaks it shall...will...ahh... WATEVER the rest decides la~!

Monday, March 19, 2007

小强漫画日记 之 《复活》

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YEAH~! I'm finally backkk~~ Will try my best to fork out time to update as often as possible from now on~ Stopped for 3 months... hope everyone still remembers XQ... If you are still around, pls leave me a comment~! THANKS~!!!