Thursday, July 27, 2006

Day 104... Official XQ Display Pics

today Sze Sze told me a very gd news, she told me she saw her friend used XQ's display pic which i posted a few months back on ilovemessenger website
she described the 3 pics she have and was exactly the ones i posted~! UNBELIEVABLE~! here's the post i did 3 months back~ Day 18... MSN
and even i will have a hard time looking for them... in that site...but now i think it's been removed... but i just posted them back~ with some new ones~

Feels great to have someone that i dun know, supports and own XQ~~
(if u r the one i'm talking about pls learn me a comment, i would very much like to know how u got the display pics, thank you~)

SUPPORT XQ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Flash~
  1. I'll organise a little competition next month~ winner will win a merchandise of XQ.
  2. Namecards of XQ is being sent for printing, will get them next week~! WOOHOO~!
  3. Merchandise of XQ is sent for manufacture too~! Will also get them next week~
  4. XQ is joining a compeition, with the help of a few friends, they make it possible~thank you all~! More details will be posted when the time comes~
  5. XQ's website will be launced next month~! PLS STAY TUNED~!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Day 100... UBIN

Today XQ followed me to Pulau Ubin, a little island NE of Singapore, people usually go there for cycling and camping...but along the way i saw alot of people picking up free durains and sell them for extra cash too~ XQ was fairly excited as his nose still hurts from the nasty knock from the slide...
Today i'm going for an adventure race organised by SAC

I drew this on Chamar hut, almost a yr back, dating 15 OCT 2005, i knew i'll be back there to take a photo with the real XQ~ this is taken at the highest point of Ubin, near Jalan Endut Senin. The place is quite secluded, not many people knows the place, the view is beautiful~! as went there to have an adventure race, so not many photos were taken... XQ had the leisure to ride in my bag... while i was going for my race...
in the end though we didn't win be had lots of fun~
this is Ubin ferry terminal, a trip costs S$2
these uncles, pratically live in their boats all their life...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Day 99... Playground Incident

Today i brought my niece to the playground, jus opposite our block~
BUT~~!! we found someone smuggled down with us... who else...while my niece is cycling happily around, i brought XQ to the playground play the kiddy stuff
HAH~! he say "no kick"...
so i let him play the slide... but he got stuck...
he swing his arms wildly, trying to get out~ and in the end...
he flew towards the slide
he slided down...
and down...
and down...
till he flew from the tip of the slide... and fell on his nose... again
after calling XQ a few times and he din move at all, i panic and call for 小馬哥~ for rescue!
Now XQ is recovering from his nose bleed...and got SLIDEIAFOBIC...swearing not to play slides ever again...

Friday, July 21, 2006

Spiderman 3 Spoof

This is the very FRIST SPOOF for XQ~
For my MSN display pic. 100% done in Flash, just wanna explore wat Flash can really do, really love the clouds~~! Flash is powderful~

And i've chosen Spiderman 3 for it, as i think the poster/wallpaper's look is very very cool, duo color with rain water hitting Spiderman, sitting on a ledge with his TM pose...

Spiderman 3 Site
"Can any Man fight the darkness, before he finds it in himself"

XQ Blog been attacked by S P A M~!

XQ's blog recently has been attacked by SPAM, i've got 62 comments in the same day at the same time... 4:02am

When you add a comment you'll be asked for a word verification, to step up security.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused~

David :>

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Day 86... The Gathering

Today XQ went to a gathering at Sengkang in Compass Heights, Function Room 1. A very nice condo which is built just next to Sengkang MRT.
People who were there:
  1. Tommy with his wife and his 2 boys
  2. Salim
  3. Jeffrey
  4. LC
  5. Raymund
  6. Jason
  7. Ben
  8. Eileen See
  9. Windy
  10. Laifen
  11. Sze
  12. Selina
XQ was introduced to them~

There were alot of food... can say it's feast~! Too bad some of them couldn't come...The old XQ had an accident in needs a complete makeover. The updates are just below, pls scroll down for the Taipei Trip. This is the chocolate Fondue Laifen made~ very nice, esp with Banana~
Hah~ XQ's at it again~ winning the hearts of ladies...
sigh...i rather be XQ...come change place~
!!!!NOOOooooo.... i just made him~ eat me instead~!! These are made by Sze Sze
She's very gd in handicraft~ Right one call Xiao Di the other....Jus call him Bo Gey. hahaha~

Friday, July 07, 2006

XiaoQiang.SG Mockup

XiaoQiang.SG mockup is now available for viewing.
Content is not uploaded yet, so nothing is clickable as yet.
Pls view and send your valuable comments here~
Thank You~!

You need Flash 8 Player to view, click here to download it if you don't see the Flash.

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