Friday, July 07, 2006

XiaoQiang.SG Mockup

XiaoQiang.SG mockup is now available for viewing.
Content is not uploaded yet, so nothing is clickable as yet.
Pls view and send your valuable comments here~
Thank You~!

You need Flash 8 Player to view, click here to download it if you don't see the Flash.

Jul 11 2006


Anonymous said...

oooohhhh.... XQ got home already har... kawaii lei... JIA YOU ah bid! waiting for the completed site ya... ;-)

chup said...

•★ Chup™ ★• says (11:44 AM):
abit too cartoon to me
•★ XQ® ★• says (11:44 AM):
leave ur comment in my blog
•★ Chup™ ★• says (11:44 AM):

Amos said...

its nice, abit cartoonish, but if that was what you were going for, you achieved it!

Samuel said...

Your Taiwan trip really reset your brain ah. This is the best Xiao qiang flash design I have seen so far. You manage to put all the characters together so well. I tot it's a team effect but I confirmed it's a one man show. Keep up the good work......more more more more more more more

XQ said...

Yep, i wan it to be cartoonish, to attract all age and sex.
Maybe when other pages are up it wouldn't look so cartoonish. As it'll be hybrid of Flash and HTML, pictures and stuff will be inserted.
Thanks everyone~
I'll work hard on it~!

Joe Joe said...

Full of energy when you first log onto the site. Each character has its own uniqueness.


XQ said...


tophat said...

hmm maybe you can vary the size of the bg objects more to create more field of depth?

shrinking the bg objects might help to give mroe emphasis to your main characters. bcos currently, almst evrything is the same size. its hard to focus on your main subjects

then maybe try to move up the charcters to abit centre bcos it's now abit bottom heavy. n the top is quite empty. then rearrange the text to fill the area next to the logo bcos now that space feels abit fractured

yah n maybe you can apply blur on your clouds so they dun seem so hard. n reduce the opacity of the drop shadow of the clouds

maybe you might wan to create the bg scenery (minus the chrcaters) in photoshop to add more textures so as to make it feel less flat. then the whole picture will look richer and more captivating

hope it helps :) jiayou ~!

tophat said...

o yah .. maybe also u might consider moving the logo to b equally spaced from the top and from the left. move dwn the logo more to giv the bird more breathing space..(like maybe 15 pixels from the top n the left)

err hmm yah maybe u wan to reduce the amt of drop shdw tat u r using on all the symbols. maybe the text no need the filter

tophat said...

ah jus chanced upon this site. might b a good refernce

XQ said...

I'll keep all tt in mind

chris | pine said...

i like the colour and feel of it, very crisp and clean. it makes me wanna eat XQ :P

krissie said...

wooot! vectors looking gggggreat!