Thursday, August 31, 2006

XQ blog shortlisted in Asia Blog Award

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XQ is shortlisted on Asia Blog Award~~

These are the nominees for best Singapore Blog Q1 2006/2007 in the website~


Saturday, August 26, 2006


One day, XQ and David took a ferry to an island to relax and explore~
The island is filled with trees bearing sweet fruits~ which tempted greedy XQ to try some~
He found a rambutan fruit on the ground~
But by the time XQ finished eating the fruit... David was no where in sight...XQ looked everywhere~
high and low...
even asked the locals... but there was language gap...and was almost turned himself into food for others...
Xq search the whole morning...and the day became warmer and warmer...even the well dried up...without any food, water, communication and money... XQ was doomed...
Fortunately he found a device...
He summoned an old tribal lord, who gave XQ permission to rest in a nest...?we was also provided with some food and water...
3 days had passed....David hasn't appear...Finally on the 7th day, David found XQ hanging on a coconut tree in a nest... whom he almost can't recognise.......


Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Here, we show how we (Sam and me), took our utmost effort and time to create the photos for Noise Competition entry~

Making of::

We took our 1st photo of the story in Shenton way~It's not easy to find a good shot with buildings surrounding the frame
But we managed to find one~
good, but the angle is not good enough...
so...we did this~lucky enough is was National Day, not many people around...
here's a special device to block off the harsh flash from the camera~position...yes...yesok gd take~
go back already la~ still play~!

Making of::

here we use our manual effort to cut out the paper humans, for representing "4 million people"~of course we can't cut 4 million... just a few and some creativity will do~It was a very very hot day....The camera is frying...
We are roasting~!!!!
The difficult part of this shot is to make the "people" stand, as there's always some wind to blow them down~ and the heat was intolerable~!

Making of::

It was close midnight... we were at a loong scarry road...
Wondered where we took XQ?We actually took it through a hole at the pavement of the road... We got to go into the drain to get the shot. This is what "Sacrifice for Art" is~this is how the hole look, it's actually a drainage system, letting the water on the road flow to the drain.

Making of::

We took this is the same drain, just down the road. The difficulty of this shot is getting a good angle... as we have limited space to move.

Making of::
We found an empty glass bottle, in the grass patch beside the drain, we broke it! After finishing these few shot, we were way pass midnight...

Making of::

This is a test shot, of me holding my shoe in my hand... but it's not good enough, as the flash will not make the picture natural.To have amore natural shot, we need to open the aperture long enough to capture the light. But we can't hold it in our hands as we will how? We use our creativity again~
this is the solution~ clever lehhh~Sam risking his life, sitting on the road with his eye in the viewer...
this also took us way after midnight...

Making of::

Ever thought this shot was taken in a nice studio?
YOU ARE WRONG~! We took this is a toilet~! this is our "spot light" it's a strong torch light, covered with a roll of toilet paper to get the roundness, and to block the harshness, we use a thin layer of toilet paper to block it~ HAH~!