Tuesday, August 15, 2006

XQ in Noise Photography Competition

XQ has joined Noise Singapore Photography Category~
When/If it's shortlisted, we'll let the whole world know about it~!!
Here's the blog version of it~

For those who can't read chinese:
It's about "Life as a Cockroach", they(cockroaches) lives in the city with us but they are casted aside and being killed ruthlessly... so they hide in drains/holes/dark places where they can squeeze into...and are forced to appear only late at night... they have no warm bed, one to turn to when in need...what they have went through...no one will ever understand... they dreamed to be pampered and loved...but dream will be always a dream...because... I'M XiaoQiang
(XiaoQiang in Chinese context is widely known as cockroach)

Samuel Chen Photographer
Without him, XQ will never get the chance to join the competition, he risked him life, camera and face to take all the photos above, it was a very fun process, thanks Sam~ (will post making of XQ Noise Competition photos soon)

Alson Editor
Miss Ling Editor
Without editing my broken half bucket chinese the essay will never be so expressive and clear~


chup said...


chup said...

btw, some text hide under the XQ logo la

XQ said...

thank you....for?
i know... i'll fix it~

alson said...

ohh. welcome welcome. haha. siang si miss ling?

XQ said...

I'm David Ling....u think who is Miss Ling leh????

Samuel said...

Hey you put "WITH HIM" should be Without him leh....haha alot of difference in meaning. HAHA

XQ said...

ah hahaha....solly~
changed liao~

Anonymous said...

really touching after read the story with the images..just feel like this is a real feeling of XQ in real life..


XQ said...

Hi Juwind~