Sunday, April 30, 2006

Day 22...JELLY

here's a video that proves when people are bored...they'll just do any silly things to amuse themselves.....

at least to CHUP, PINE, JEFFREY and's quite funny la...cause we were there.
shot by my K750i, that explains the video quality... shot this during XQ was kidnap...we got nothin better to do... while we were taking a rest from the frantic search for XQ.
Don't think the rest of today will have interesting things to blog about, i've got B E L I E F all over me... since FRIDAY...till MONDAY...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Day 21...小強之歌

With the help of pianist Alson.
He's come up with XQ's own song! HAHAHAHA!!!!
Will be working on 词 and 曲 to make it prefect!
Thanks for the song Alson!!!
XQ is 1 step closer to the world!

作词:翔宏 Alson
作曲:翔宏 Alson





Song will not be downloadable/played for public, due to copyright reasons.
小強之歌 Copyright © 2006 翔宏 Alson . All rights reserved

Day 21...Xiao Qiang

Today i ran a search in Blogger and search for Xiao Qiang...
Half of the search came out to be refering Xiao Qiang as a cockroach and wrote their terrible experience with it, and how they kill it....
The other half is refer as a person's name, call Xiao Qiang...most of it are nicknames, some are real names...mostly from China, cute huh!
Then i came across this link in this blog (view)to a Flash movie, dialogue is original from the film “唐伯虎點秋香” ( i got the VCD so i know) but the Flash is drawn out, amazingly...still funny! view

There's a few interesing names mentioned in some blogs (view)...maybe can use them for my other characters. I've already got 3 other friends for XQ:
FLY - 明明
ANT - 阿大
Will make them out soon, after i've finished my heavy project and stressful teaching, in June.

Wish to get XQ commercialise, actually the untimate goal for me to commercialise it, is not to make $ to get it famous, nation wide, world wide. My vision is: shops selling XQ's stuff; toys, accesories, stationaries... BEST thing is, people start to use XQ as their own mascot to take photos like
then at least in this lifetime, i've done something...something to be proud of...something to mark my success in life.
For the $ part, i still need it to live, pay bills, necessary cost involved in the production of XQ merchadise, share with family, entertainment, charity. I believe in earning $ from the society and in turn give them back in other form, then there's a complete cycle.

Of course i wish to be rich too...getting a condo at "Tanjong Rhu" facing the river...get a car of my dream, give my family the best, comfortable life... lets see how things go...
oh yah...and get a cat too in office/&/home..will write about my wonderful experiance with the only cat who stayed in my house for 4D3N: SUNSHINE.

miss you Sunshine...

Friday, April 28, 2006

Day 19 & 20...KIDNAP!

This evening, XQ was going to meet his friends at MOS BURGER.
Out of a sudden! A hand appear from behind!
KIDNAPPER! and who say 壞人兩個字不寫在臉上。。。
After XQ was grabbed by KIDNAPPER, ACCOMPLICE took over...
XQ was first held in PS B1.
Then brought to the newly renovated NATIONAL MUSEUM.
He was forced to buy a ticket for himself...And were brought to the NATIONAL MUSEUM GALLERY THEATRE, to watch a movie call TORI/SORANO...TORI is made up of 5 very different films,
1. BIRD (crayon drawn animation)
2. 刀の心 (non narrative samurai short)
3. ATO (grafitti in Japan)
4. 相聲 (very funny "hay hay hay ho ho ho")
5. or (sunset ballet, very beautifully filmed)
The crooks were nice enough to let XQ watch the movie with blindfold.
When SORANO started, the film was in Japanese, but without subtitle, the manager came along and apologize and told everyone that the subtitled version might come in 30min... so everyone started to leave, and XQ was able to sneak out during the commotion...
After he was caught, the furious crooks punished XQ...without MERCY!
after a looong torture...finally XQ...
Then XQ was telported to another mysterious place...
He arrived at a heavenly place...
He found...and he feels like a... He was served with... and... but...XQ haven't even get to finished it, it melted...Fianlly the BIG BOSS behind all these came out and gave XQ hugs and kisses...without a choice
after the pervert/boss finished toying with XQ...XQ was ordered for release
XQ told the guys he was thirsty, so they ordered him a drink... and got to finish it, if he wants to go home in 1 piece... half way through...XQ thinks even if he finish it he wun be in 1 piece... FINALLY! In the end, the crooks were caught because they voilated a rule in the shop...and XQ went home in 1 piece.

Kidnapper - Raymund
Accomplice - Jeffrey
龍頭老大 - Pine/Chris
Read more of film fest in Chup's Blog view
and Pine/Chris Blog view

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Day 18...MSN

2-3 months ago i posted a pic of XQ in Now XQ is on page 9 of Most Popular Tab in Cartoon Category, with 5 239 downloads. Very proud of XQ. Well done! Then i posted 2 others, it's somewhere down the pages, not doing as well as this pic.

Click to view online.

Last time there were IRC...then it evolved into ICQ...then now it's it all happened?!
Remember when i was in SEC school, me and my friends will always go to library and secretly use the coms and use IRC, trying to chat with other girls...there was once i got the number of the girl, i called...voice kinda sweet, so we decide to meet... i forgot where we arrange to meet. A drag a few friends along to level up my guts... all i remember was, we only saw the back view and we ran away...end of story. The other story was, same i got the number, we chat and voice is sweet too, then her younger sis chat with me, 1 yr younger than her, then she got kinda jealous...then i push her sister to my friend...they got along quite well...i remember they met and he describe her as 大白鯊。。。tsk tsk how can like tt say ppl... of course i got scared, because of my previous ENCOUNTER...actually not i ended the 'friendship', she ended it...i forgot y but i remember she cried on the phone...which till now made me feel bad about it. Oh yah, definately most of the guys did it, that's pretending to be a very cute innocent girl, type in the main window and say "lonely girl, who wanna chat?" then stupid guys will start pouring in to "comfort" this "lonely" girl, then made her as cuuute as possible, then arrange a meeting somewhere, late at night and end up "lonely girl" laughing HIS hearts out at home and the poor good fella miss a date..awwwww

ICQ, i remember that's the first programme that you can add your friends into a list and can easily see when they're online and can chat immediately with just 1 click, then there this OH-OH sound, which made it unique. Really can't do what IRC does, meeting strangers. Of course there's a search engine i remember but made things difficult to chat with stranger...can block can ignore...

MSN, surely the best tool now to connect people all over the world. Can put display picture, have cute emoticons, can have web cam...much better than ICQ, more flexible. more features.

Maybe XQ will have his own emoticons in the future, rite XQ!?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Day 17...Official Counter in Operation

At 2219 hrs
25th April 2006

XQ EverywherE counter is in opertation.

Very easy to use.
Thanks to Bravenet.

Day 16 & 17...Bayerische Motoren Werke

Bayerische Motoren Werke, make a good guess what it means.....

Yep, it's BMW. Most people doesn't know what BMW's full name is. Founded in 1916 March 7th Germany. It acquired Rolls Royce and MINI, in late 90s and early 2nd millenium.
Personally, if i'm a MNC CEO, i rather buy a BMW than a MERCEDES, MERCEDES too uncle liao... unless it's the CLK or SLK version, it'll be alot different, but BMW have 6 series, also powerful and sporty.

XQ standing tall on a BMW 7 series.
Dream cars:
1. Delsol
2. Mini Cooper
3. Volkswagen Beetle
4. RAV4 (3D)
I just found out something common among these 4... it's all 2 doors, 3 out of 4 cabriolet, 3 out of 4 'old' cars...
i can dream can i...
Yesterday's post had a major problem, largely due to blogger's technology...everything i typed was's about Parker Brothers...will write it tml.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Day 14 & 15...Birthday Party!

Tml is Samuel's birthday, today is his BBQ party, at Joey's place.

We walked pass Happy XQ North
After a 15min lost in the estate, we finally found the place.
we make ourselves at home, but found...

no one's home except...KITTY!

The owners went out to grab some more food for the bbq, and were back after a little while, then we were tasked to set up the bbq pit. I did all the work, and XQ went elsewhere to laze around most prob with kitty...sheesh

where is he?

After an hour of search, we finally found him, in the make it up to him, we let him play with the tortoise.

After some time of preparation, we were ready to start at around 7pm, we had quite a lot of food, got Otah, curry chicken, hot dog, crab meat, kabab, prawn...just for 5 of us to eat...oh 6! + XQ. Sorry pal!

READY!!! START!!!!!!!!

XQ tried the curry Sam's mum prepared and he...

Hey, they got a pro to cook for us...uhhhbut in the end...After alot of food, chit chat, and singing, we play some daidee...The other players are!
As you can see...there's no way to win these in the end...
Then they decide to change game...mahjong...天啊!
This time we pray first before we start. lets play!This game carrried on till we had our half time at 12am sharp. It's Samual's birthday! Time to sing the birthday song, make a wish, torture the birthday boy and cut the cake!Credits
Satay Man - Samuel
... mystery woman - Joey
大耳隆 - Chuan Wen
MIW - Alson

Happy mid 20s Birthday Samuel! We all and alot of fun, hope we'll do this again.
And friends forever!