Saturday, April 29, 2006

Day 21...Xiao Qiang

Today i ran a search in Blogger and search for Xiao Qiang...
Half of the search came out to be refering Xiao Qiang as a cockroach and wrote their terrible experience with it, and how they kill it....
The other half is refer as a person's name, call Xiao Qiang...most of it are nicknames, some are real names...mostly from China, cute huh!
Then i came across this link in this blog (view)to a Flash movie, dialogue is original from the film “唐伯虎點秋香” ( i got the VCD so i know) but the Flash is drawn out, amazingly...still funny! view

There's a few interesing names mentioned in some blogs (view)...maybe can use them for my other characters. I've already got 3 other friends for XQ:
FLY - 明明
ANT - 阿大
Will make them out soon, after i've finished my heavy project and stressful teaching, in June.

Wish to get XQ commercialise, actually the untimate goal for me to commercialise it, is not to make $ to get it famous, nation wide, world wide. My vision is: shops selling XQ's stuff; toys, accesories, stationaries... BEST thing is, people start to use XQ as their own mascot to take photos like
then at least in this lifetime, i've done something...something to be proud of...something to mark my success in life.
For the $ part, i still need it to live, pay bills, necessary cost involved in the production of XQ merchadise, share with family, entertainment, charity. I believe in earning $ from the society and in turn give them back in other form, then there's a complete cycle.

Of course i wish to be rich too...getting a condo at "Tanjong Rhu" facing the river...get a car of my dream, give my family the best, comfortable life... lets see how things go...
oh yah...and get a cat too in office/&/home..will write about my wonderful experiance with the only cat who stayed in my house for 4D3N: SUNSHINE.

miss you Sunshine...

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