Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Day 18...MSN

2-3 months ago i posted a pic of XQ in Now XQ is on page 9 of Most Popular Tab in Cartoon Category, with 5 239 downloads. Very proud of XQ. Well done! Then i posted 2 others, it's somewhere down the pages, not doing as well as this pic.

Click to view online.

Last time there were IRC...then it evolved into ICQ...then now it's it all happened?!
Remember when i was in SEC school, me and my friends will always go to library and secretly use the coms and use IRC, trying to chat with other girls...there was once i got the number of the girl, i called...voice kinda sweet, so we decide to meet... i forgot where we arrange to meet. A drag a few friends along to level up my guts... all i remember was, we only saw the back view and we ran away...end of story. The other story was, same i got the number, we chat and voice is sweet too, then her younger sis chat with me, 1 yr younger than her, then she got kinda jealous...then i push her sister to my friend...they got along quite well...i remember they met and he describe her as 大白鯊。。。tsk tsk how can like tt say ppl... of course i got scared, because of my previous ENCOUNTER...actually not i ended the 'friendship', she ended it...i forgot y but i remember she cried on the phone...which till now made me feel bad about it. Oh yah, definately most of the guys did it, that's pretending to be a very cute innocent girl, type in the main window and say "lonely girl, who wanna chat?" then stupid guys will start pouring in to "comfort" this "lonely" girl, then made her as cuuute as possible, then arrange a meeting somewhere, late at night and end up "lonely girl" laughing HIS hearts out at home and the poor good fella miss a date..awwwww

ICQ, i remember that's the first programme that you can add your friends into a list and can easily see when they're online and can chat immediately with just 1 click, then there this OH-OH sound, which made it unique. Really can't do what IRC does, meeting strangers. Of course there's a search engine i remember but made things difficult to chat with stranger...can block can ignore...

MSN, surely the best tool now to connect people all over the world. Can put display picture, have cute emoticons, can have web cam...much better than ICQ, more flexible. more features.

Maybe XQ will have his own emoticons in the future, rite XQ!?


tophat said...

yuan lai u so wu liao whhahawhahah

XQ said...

i was young, impulsive, naughty and full of never ending growing hormones. vwat to do?

chup said...


I'm not the only one!!!!