Friday, April 28, 2006

Day 19 & 20...KIDNAP!

This evening, XQ was going to meet his friends at MOS BURGER.
Out of a sudden! A hand appear from behind!
KIDNAPPER! and who say 壞人兩個字不寫在臉上。。。
After XQ was grabbed by KIDNAPPER, ACCOMPLICE took over...
XQ was first held in PS B1.
Then brought to the newly renovated NATIONAL MUSEUM.
He was forced to buy a ticket for himself...And were brought to the NATIONAL MUSEUM GALLERY THEATRE, to watch a movie call TORI/SORANO...TORI is made up of 5 very different films,
1. BIRD (crayon drawn animation)
2. 刀の心 (non narrative samurai short)
3. ATO (grafitti in Japan)
4. 相聲 (very funny "hay hay hay ho ho ho")
5. or (sunset ballet, very beautifully filmed)
The crooks were nice enough to let XQ watch the movie with blindfold.
When SORANO started, the film was in Japanese, but without subtitle, the manager came along and apologize and told everyone that the subtitled version might come in 30min... so everyone started to leave, and XQ was able to sneak out during the commotion...
After he was caught, the furious crooks punished XQ...without MERCY!
after a looong torture...finally XQ...
Then XQ was telported to another mysterious place...
He arrived at a heavenly place...
He found...and he feels like a... He was served with... and... but...XQ haven't even get to finished it, it melted...Fianlly the BIG BOSS behind all these came out and gave XQ hugs and kisses...without a choice
after the pervert/boss finished toying with XQ...XQ was ordered for release
XQ told the guys he was thirsty, so they ordered him a drink... and got to finish it, if he wants to go home in 1 piece... half way through...XQ thinks even if he finish it he wun be in 1 piece... FINALLY! In the end, the crooks were caught because they voilated a rule in the shop...and XQ went home in 1 piece.

Kidnapper - Raymund
Accomplice - Jeffrey
龍頭老大 - Pine/Chris
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aye aye!
ah watch the language ah...
XQ still young ya'know...

chris | pine said...

"after the pervert/boss finished toying with XQ.."


hahhaha but DAMN CUTE LEH!!!!

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