Thursday, April 20, 2006

Day 12...The Making of XQ EverywherE

Today's story is The Making of XQ EverywherE
The HP is actually a lighting device for the photo taking, esp at night. All night shots taken at Esplanade and Fullerton, is lighted by my K750i, very powerful lights!

XQ's limbs are joined up by wires attached to it, so it comes off easily. And it's legs are sticked with blue tag, to make it stand firm on rough surfaces and better security when taken on heights like the pic above...that was taken on 4th storey.

Something got to be used of is being look like an idiot taking a little 'toy's photos in public places, best is to have a good friend around to accompany, get more ideas and share the stares...and good thing i look like a poly student doing photography project.

Where should we go next XQ?!

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