Saturday, April 22, 2006

Day 14 & 15...Birthday Party!

Tml is Samuel's birthday, today is his BBQ party, at Joey's place.

We walked pass Happy XQ North
After a 15min lost in the estate, we finally found the place.
we make ourselves at home, but found...

no one's home except...KITTY!

The owners went out to grab some more food for the bbq, and were back after a little while, then we were tasked to set up the bbq pit. I did all the work, and XQ went elsewhere to laze around most prob with kitty...sheesh

where is he?

After an hour of search, we finally found him, in the make it up to him, we let him play with the tortoise.

After some time of preparation, we were ready to start at around 7pm, we had quite a lot of food, got Otah, curry chicken, hot dog, crab meat, kabab, prawn...just for 5 of us to eat...oh 6! + XQ. Sorry pal!

READY!!! START!!!!!!!!

XQ tried the curry Sam's mum prepared and he...

Hey, they got a pro to cook for us...uhhhbut in the end...After alot of food, chit chat, and singing, we play some daidee...The other players are!
As you can see...there's no way to win these in the end...
Then they decide to change game...mahjong...天啊!
This time we pray first before we start. lets play!This game carrried on till we had our half time at 12am sharp. It's Samual's birthday! Time to sing the birthday song, make a wish, torture the birthday boy and cut the cake!Credits
Satay Man - Samuel
... mystery woman - Joey
大耳隆 - Chuan Wen
MIW - Alson

Happy mid 20s Birthday Samuel! We all and alot of fun, hope we'll do this again.
And friends forever!


alson said...

hahaha i love this post. hahaa!so funny.

XQ said...

Yeah! I love it too!!!
Tell the Satay man to c it too!

Joe Joe said...

wow..first time visit this blog. The ideas are wonderful and really creative. i love reading storyboard with creative pictures.
A normal birthday party turns out to be so fun with XQ around.

haa...this blog gona be in my top list! Bingo!!
(ps: going to have one for my RINGO.. haa..)

leumas said...

Wah! Everyone seems to be enjoying. Thanks everyone (including XQ) to make my birthday a warm one to remember. Thumbs up David, for taking your creativity together with photography to add new heights. Keep it up!

XQ said...

seems like everyone loves this post, i got some praises for this too.
Looking forward to the Ringo visit and Mahjong session next week.

XQ will join us too, hahaha!
Have a good trip! Bon Voyage!