Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Day 3...Happy day!

This morning collected my NEW SPECS! YEAaH! Feels gd and seeing things clear as crystal!

Then met up with my reservist section mate Meng at Bugis Mac, had a gd chat with him before i went to work. Talked about life now, work, and travel experiences, i can only say i hope to go to Taiwan some day with a few friends (males esp) to have some 'fun'! Taiwan meimeis love Singapore gor gors! Who's with me!

At work, in the afternoon, i was teaching this bunch of P2 kids, among them is a very pretty Australian girl, during the break this boy (classsmate) kiss her on her cheek... and she started crying... i was very stunned, didn't know what other solution but to ask the boy to apologise to her...better solution than bringing him to the police and sue him for molest/sexual harassment... kids these days... Then everyone start teasing the boy...and he also started crying....help... after 5 mins everything went back to normal...phew what an eventful day...

Today didn't try making Version 3, but i make Dog Version where XQ appeared in CNY Ecard. view The body shape is the most diff part...hopefully tml have the chance to finish it and upload it.

Tml will most prob going to Bras Basah's Art Friend to get some more materials to make XQ. Who wanna join me?!



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