Sunday, April 09, 2006


09April2006 XiaoQiang (XQ) is born.

History of XQ
XiaoQiang, as a lot of Asians/Chinese will know it's a unofficial "nickname" for cockcroaches. So I used it to name my cute cockcroach character!

XQ was created long time ago...about...6 yrs ago. I used it for one of my projects in my poly days. (I'll post it in near future) Then slowly it became electronic, I did my very first Chinese New Year E-card in 2001 using XQ using Flash. (I'll post this in near future too) Few yrs later(2006) I redid the E-card view. I also did Christmas E-card of XQ too view.

XQ Clay Version 1, took me around 4hrs to make... It looks easy...but IT'S NOT! Got to make sure the size is right, the proportions are right, no finger prints, no extra hair..., make it as smooth as possible.
THEN dry it. During the drying process, i mixed poster colors to get the XQ color, a lot of trial and errors, but heng....ah, i got almost what i want.
NEXT color it! I realised i didn't mix enough for all colors to be painted on XQ, then got to remix again! urgg.....experienced learnt!
LASTLY fix it up. I did all the parts individually and dried it individually, but i insert wires in each parts to hold it. IT WAS A MISTAKE! Now XQ looks broken up...BUT i can move it's hands hahaah!

I might do Version 2 tonight! YEaah!

This will be the start of XQ EverywherE, a campaign that i've created for will be launch in 01May2006. So please keep a lookout for it guys.


tophat said...

WAH GOOD GOOD :) JIAYOU very good!!!!!!! for a 1st time effort on the clay kekeke..

tophat said...

O YAH~~!!
since u r into claying now. eh got good stuff. this new clay that needs no paint n no baking.

i'm using it now. altho it's quite pricey compared to normal paper clay but it's quite time saving. and compared to polymer clay its much cheaper. u can buy at popluar bookstores sml box of 5 colors at $16.80

XQ said...

Monday i'll finish my Version 2. YEAaH!

I bought this for $2.90 for a very big pack.
Can i get the colors i want easily? I need to get 3 shades of brown for XQ. phew... time to sleep

ChupIsGreat said...


tophat said...

the color range is limited but u can mix 2 diff color clay together to get the diff tone and shade you want.

sml box has : white, black, blue,yellow red

big box($26.90) has extra 3 colors- purple, green,orange

i've jus uploaded some of my clay toys on my msn space. u c u c kekeke