Friday, April 21, 2006

Day 13...The Pink Panther

today is a very hot day...

mornin, woke up, rush a proj, then watch Pink Panther Movie, b4 went to work.

This is the official interactive website view.
I love the mini game of the site that you can costomise the car, and drive around th map and go into different parts of the site to find clues, which will make users to go to every page, smart!

I watch the cartoon during my childhood, the police officer is a loser, and Pink Panther is crafty.
The movie, does have the police officer call Closeau, play by Steve Martin.
Sidekick Gilbert Ponton, played by Jean Reno, those who play PS2 ONIMUSHA 3, will know him very well, and Sexy Beyounce Knowles as a pop star Xania in the movie. Pink Panther, will be played by the huge pink diamond...

The movie is very very funny, last funniest show i've watched was Bruce Almighty.
Got to be Jim Carrey!

A must watch, really!
XQ love it too!

"I woood lik tuua bye a dambergirl!"
"I woood lic tu buye a hanberder!"
"I weird lia teur byee an anberdaeur!"
"We dun't quit, we do not quit, again! again!"
"I wod lik too bye aye mbabas!"


tophat said...

eee pink panther the movie was so ultimatly wu liao leh whahaha i watched in cinema until face cramp... sorry i no sense of humor.

o i just watch The Wild. not bad. as long as u dun think too much. bcos storyline is deja vu of alot of prev animations.but the 3d is good.

chris | pine said...

david i sorry to say this... but... I KILLED UR GREAT GREAT GRAND NEPHEW WITH BAYGON JUST NOW.

XQ said...

TO pine....
AH!!! AH ZAI!!!!

TO sze....
no la, i like 無聊 movies la.

chris | pine said...

when i woke up... AH ZAI GONE. MAYBE MY DOG ATE. =_=