Saturday, April 15, 2006

Day 7...Treasure Island

Today XQ had a very exciting treasure hunting adventure in an Island call Sentosa...

High noon, XQ took a SBS bus 145 to Harbourfront, was a short boring journey there.
Then he changed bus to get into the island and bought a ticket for admission.
And took another bus deep into the island...
and reach Palawan Beach!
Here XQ took a little break, and enjoy the sun, sand and sea...
The journey continues!
He spotted a huge Merlion deep within the jungle...and there's other treasure hunters too! Can't waste any more time pal.
But bad luck fell, XQ got to make a detour to get to the treasure... but he made his signature mark before he left, naughty little fella.
It's a long and dangerous detour, so he tried the easy way out...
After the bus gave XQ eat some dust and smoke...
XQ journey into The Forest of Flowers...
SUDDENLY! A Green Dragon appear out of nowhere!
After a narrow ezcape...XQ saw the danger many differernt languages. But with XQ's determination and courage he moved on cautiously...
After 200 rounds of fight, XQ managed to escape from the deadly snake, but lost a lot of's time to rest and recuperate.
Finally, he reached the bridge head of Rocky Bridge...the treasure is just a bridge away.
While XQ was about to cross the Rocky Bridge, he heard screaming and people running...What's happening?!
After the Shark realised corkcroaches don't taste that swam back into the deep sea.
Moments later up in the sky, XQ found the Treasure...Rainbow.
See ya again!

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chup said...

check this out man

XQ said...

COOL! I'm not alone!
This might be the next 'in' thing.
Anyone interested joining me?!
Make your own character!
Bring it out wherever you go and take photos!

Or even better buy my XQ!