Saturday, August 05, 2006


XQ's 第一次 gave to Creative Technology... The event was held there, at their huge lobby, it's a Chinese Cultural Event, therefore a lot of Buddhist Charity Groups were there doing their charity sale of vegetarian food~

This is our stall~ we were surrounded by vegetarian stalls...This is our posters~ 1 for Ice-Cream another for Cotton Candy~ YUMMY!
Ok start work~ we started pasting magnets onto the container of the cotton candy, as a gift for customers~ there were over 70 magnets and 4 hands...There's 3 of us there initially, the other pair of hands went arranging the cotton candy
Here's a nice shot of the "Mountain of Cotton Candy"~
Here's the
How can we forget to display my proud works of XQ figurines~~! Behind the namecards are the competition photos tt's i've been talking about, will post the photos when we submit~ The 2 figurines in front are my 2 favourites~
This is another thing we did there, TAKING PHOTO WITH XQ~~ First we need a camera and a models to showcase~
Next we connect the camera to a mobile printerAdjust some settings...
TA DAAAaa~!! Instant printing~ It's a postcard too~
Here's the proud result~This is a preview of what's coming next for XQ...this too~ so keep your eyes wide open for these, when you are anywhere...
because XQ is EverywherEHere are some curious kids~ not only the kids are curious, people of all ages came asking me "that's cute, what's that?" "did u make these?" "how much is this?"
There were people asking the price for the figurines, our polo tees and photographs/postcards, basically everything on display~~ I can dare say the crowd loves it~ and the publicity was a success~! YAMMMM SENGG~!
here's the overview of the lobby, there's not much crowd....cause
THEY ARE ALL HERE~! This is a outdoor stadium within Creative Teachnology~ COOL~!at the end of the day...LEYYYY LOOONNGGG~ FREE ICE-CREAM~ COME AND COLLECT~ WHILE STOCK LAST~
here's the whole crew~
SamuelAlsonChuanWen/Bryanwe got alot of free food from surrounding stalls, and that was the only day i took vegetarian the while day~ and they are really nice~ especially vegetarian shark's fin soup, tastes better than the real one~
BAND OF XQ LOVERS4 handsome guys~ 3 out of 4 available~


David, XQ and XiaoQiang (he really call Xiao Qiang)Mr Sim (Sim Wong Hoo, CEO & Chairman Creative Technology), XQ and David~~
we (XQ and i) really had fun at the event~especially the process of the production and preparation, though it was hard work and i did everything within a week, including the website... beta version available now~~! I'm sorry these 2 months not been updating often as XQ's been slacking at home and i'm busy working, we'll find time again to make interesting photo stories~ promised~!
There's a lot of ideas for XQ, especially on it's website and publicity, and since i'm the only 1 doing it and XQ's hands and legs are too short to help... everything will progress at a much slower rate... i'm looking for volunteers interested to help~
  1. publicity (need a lot of hands and legs for this)
  2. creating website content (animations, games, photos)
  3. marketing (looking for opportunities for XQ)
  4. production (figurine making, stickers, magnets, polo tees...and more other merchandises)
i promise you it'll be a very fun and fullfilling process working on any of the category above as i've personally when through it all myself~

Interested volunteers pls email me at:


chup said...

dr sim!~~!!!

and why i not part of the crew`?~!?!~


XQ said...

He's Dr or Mr?

u wanna be part of the team cause u wanna meet him rite~

Mr Sim is a very nice and friendly approachable person~ and i jus found out he's the youngest Billionaire in Singapore~
woooo~~~~!!! i feel rich already~

tophat said...

WAH GONG XI LAO YE HE XI FU REENNNN!!!!! WHAHHAHAAH yayyyyyyy nvm whenn u b the nxt millionare hire chup n me .. i think err 6K per month not too much right HWHHAHAH

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