Saturday, July 08, 2006

Day 86... The Gathering

Today XQ went to a gathering at Sengkang in Compass Heights, Function Room 1. A very nice condo which is built just next to Sengkang MRT.
People who were there:
  1. Tommy with his wife and his 2 boys
  2. Salim
  3. Jeffrey
  4. LC
  5. Raymund
  6. Jason
  7. Ben
  8. Eileen See
  9. Windy
  10. Laifen
  11. Sze
  12. Selina
XQ was introduced to them~

There were alot of food... can say it's feast~! Too bad some of them couldn't come...The old XQ had an accident in needs a complete makeover. The updates are just below, pls scroll down for the Taipei Trip. This is the chocolate Fondue Laifen made~ very nice, esp with Banana~
Hah~ XQ's at it again~ winning the hearts of ladies...
sigh...i rather be XQ...come change place~
!!!!NOOOooooo.... i just made him~ eat me instead~!! These are made by Sze Sze
She's very gd in handicraft~ Right one call Xiao Di the other....Jus call him Bo Gey. hahaha~


ling007 said...

the new XQ looks like he had a face lift and literally means that he looks like he had la1 pi1-ed...

ling007 said...

his face looks very S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D ;P

Humptydumptysatonthewall said...

come to sengkang aso nv
find me... friend la u.

chup said...

taiwan got lai pi shuo shu....ermmm

XQ said...

blackcurrent- heh, next time la~

chup- aaa....