Thursday, July 27, 2006

Day 104... Official XQ Display Pics

today Sze Sze told me a very gd news, she told me she saw her friend used XQ's display pic which i posted a few months back on ilovemessenger website
she described the 3 pics she have and was exactly the ones i posted~! UNBELIEVABLE~! here's the post i did 3 months back~ Day 18... MSN
and even i will have a hard time looking for them... in that site...but now i think it's been removed... but i just posted them back~ with some new ones~

Feels great to have someone that i dun know, supports and own XQ~~
(if u r the one i'm talking about pls learn me a comment, i would very much like to know how u got the display pics, thank you~)

SUPPORT XQ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Flash~
  1. I'll organise a little competition next month~ winner will win a merchandise of XQ.
  2. Namecards of XQ is being sent for printing, will get them next week~! WOOHOO~!
  3. Merchandise of XQ is sent for manufacture too~! Will also get them next week~
  4. XQ is joining a compeition, with the help of a few friends, they make it possible~thank you all~! More details will be posted when the time comes~
  5. XQ's website will be launced next month~! PLS STAY TUNED~!


joejoe said...

ya ya...i got XQ t-shirt...haa..

david, pic 3, jus a small comment. i know the red circle represents rosy cheek..but it took me quite a while to figure it out leh..

Wow..can see you will need alot of marketing efforts to be done in order to promote XQ. Don worry, got me! i will help you think of more..

Joe Joe said...

i think i really not good in comics..haa..cant figure out the pic..haa... sorry huh!

chup said...

XQ name card??~

XQ said...

there might be a XQ EVENT TOO~ hahaha~definately need ur help~

yah...namecard~ temp usage till the company is formed~!

Anonymous said...

YAYYYY U GO DUDE~~ good for u. if i see pple use yr xq stuff will let u know immediately whahah

XQ said...


Anonymous said...

haha...ello xiao qiang.... i'm the one tat was using the cute pix for my msn display pix.. muahahhaha.....

actually...i got the pictures from my friend....he downloaded it from the messenger library... lol...

ermmm... do we get a free figurine each for promoting? muahahhaa....

XQ said...

thx for supporting XQ~
hmm, how do u help me promote?
free figurine no prob at all~