Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Day 31... ONE.org

I came across a banner on Hotmail which links to ONE (view)
It's a .org, which is usually for non profit organisations/charity organisations.
The site is filled with very beautiful b/w photographs, which includes Hollywood celebrities... they are spending alot of $$ on advertising for creating awareness.
I wan to buy the wrist band, they sell in a pack, US$10 for 10. WHO WAN TO BUY!!!? SHARE LA!!! Freight cost is US$10.
I'm thinking of buying the T-shirt too...
Hope the $$ will really go into good needy hands... not into advertising...
Was thinking of doing a charity campaign using XQ too...that's much later...

Something out of this topic; i realise some of you are reading my blog, please leave a little comment if you support XQ, so that i can know who you are. I'll add a guestbook in near future, so that it's convenient for everyone...but for now do leave a comment!


alson said...

hi its me. i am reading alright. lucky u didnt blog abt the mahjong 'tio bao' incident. hahah! i will be visiting always. do update!

XQ said...

OH YAH! ur "包大" misfortune to Sam on 07/06/2006 around 3am at Joey's home that made u lost $9.80?
ya i neber say.

chup said...

try to solve the problem around us 1st la.

ur US $20 can be put into better use.

chup said...

but if u REALLY wnana buy let me know

Joe Joe said...

me me...support XQ. But apparently, ur XQ having affair with my Ringo...see my blog you will know! Kao!


XQ said...

3Q for everyone's support!!!
(quote from Stephen Chow's movies anyone can guess which?)

chuppieinthewonderland said...


tophat said...

wahah i cant read chinese well wat is this talking abt?


wo yao wat??

XQ said...

wo yao fen dou!!!