Monday, May 15, 2006

Day 38... 小馬哥

Hi everyone!
14 May 2006 marks the birth of MARKERS 小馬哥!!!!! KAWAIIIIIIII!!!!
He's XQ's pet, it's a Ultra Mini Horse...jus in case some of you can't tell...
Will tell you all about how XQ found he's cute pet 小馬哥, and the story of 小馬哥, and adventures of 小馬哥 in near future. So at least now XQ is not so bored, adventuring out alone~
But first let us take a peek at how XQ and 小馬哥 is coming along...
天啊!XQ BULLY 小馬哥!

BAD! XQ! BAD! Poor 小馬哥... READY FOR VHAT?!天啊!XQ you too fat to ride 小馬哥 la... OI OI~ OI~ CAREFUL~ OMG!!

...sigh 早知今日何必當初呢。。。


chuppie said...


where is mingming~!

XQ said...

will make them la don't worry!!!!

alson said...

freaking funny. esp the chinese words. its 穷追不舍 好不好。。。

XQ said...

Ok Edited~
Thx Alson for the correction~~

Joe Joe said...

haa...little horse!

kind of small big one small..haa