Saturday, May 20, 2006

Day 43... SteamBoat + CW Bday

XQ took 小馬哥 out today, introduced him to one of the delicacies call; STEAMBOAT

First, you need utensils,butter/oiland of course lots of FOOD!!!

These are ALIVE~~

Never watch how your food is prepared... we feel so cruel, watching the live prawns cooked in the hot boiling soup...then we put our angel aside and ENJOY~
MUA HAHAHAHAHA!!! EVIL~Steamboat is rarely eaten we'll have to cook fast eat fast~
The 4 other contenders are~

aye uncle~ steamboat no have satay lei...

...Birthday Boy~~~~~
"Happy Birthday to 大阿隆, Happy Birthday to 大阿隆..."

Satay Man - Samuel...
mystery woman - Joey
大耳隆 - Chuan Wen
MIW - Alson
Happy mid 20s Birthday ChuanWen! Will buy you a BIG present in Taiwan~
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Joe Joe said...

i bet XQ enjoyed the steamboat!

Samuel said...

Kick Ass SteamBoat!!!! I Ringo is here, he will go crazy for sure!

XQ said...