Monday, May 08, 2006

Day 30... 小小強

Chup went to meet his client after our lunch.
So while waiting, i made 小小強 (Official XQ version 3) for Chup!!!! With the new clay!!!! Within 30min!!!! But the limbs color is very off, the rest still acceptable... amazing clay!!!
The last thing was his feelers...there's no feelers for XXQ!! So we pluck out 1 from XQ and broke into shorter pieces...poor XQ...sacrifice himself again... dun worry it grows back very fast.

Then XQ was in naughty mode again...this is the first thing XXQ experienced...
XXQ lost $1
Chup pls take good care of XXQ!


chup said...



XQ said...


Joe Joe said...

Kao! The color for XXQ very off orangy one!

cute member now!

XQ said...

1st try mah...

will improve on it~~

S@Y said...

I think that XXQ looks more like a bee leh...colour combi abit the erm beelike? Only dun have wings :P
Make LADYBUG companion for XQ leh.

XQ said...

yah the color very off...will improve will improve. 3Q!

ladybug 1 person also say make lady bug for him...Y LADYBUG!? I making this a PEST world or common house insects...lady bird a bit out leh... maybe in future future la hahaha! BTW XQ got friends,
ANT SPIDER and FLY~~~will make them when i got time~

S@Y said...

LADY BUG mah its a lady wat...
Ladybug also pest ar
Give XQ a GF :P

Joe Joe said...

why lady bug? maybe spider?
ask samuel for the species...he can give u advise lor..get samuel to bring his real spider along??

XQ meets the REAL spider!!


XQ said...

aye ladybug no male ah!!?!
XQ's gf is drawn out but not made, pls keep a look out for his gf and family and friends.


o_o''' *hide*