Thursday, May 11, 2006

Day 33... 0511 2027

nope not 4D 真字。。。
It's a special day for 2 special person Joey and CW.
Basially the number are their birthday combine in such a way that it forms the date and time, where they will have this compulsary meet up every year. ..interesting huh!
They have been doing this for 8 years, and i think today is the first time i join them...almost can't join them cause i was at TTSH with mum, will blog about the whole incident tml.
We wanted to go to Sakae Sushi but it was full house and it was 9pm and we haven't had our dinner ( btw i brought B&C along) ...then we went to Pasta Mania instead...they were psychoing me to go play Mahjong, but i need no one's at home to baby sit B&C...and i've got BELIEF to do...POSTPONE~!
Forgot to take photos with XQ...but there's a few pics in Joey's blog. ( view )


Joe Joe said...

you are included in our meet ups every yr. Compulsory hor...

XQ said...

o_o'''~yes mdm