Monday, September 18, 2006 minor update

Contact page now have a new look~ do take a peep while you are at the site~

After a loooong consideration, i've decided to remove "news" page from the site, because if there's any updates i usually post it here, and most of us drop by here instad of "news" page to check out for updates, therefore i find "news" page redundant. (update also easier...heeh)

Now working on Artworks page and About page. Alot of friends ask me, what is XQ? Why i create XQ, how did XQ come about... it's very common questions you'll ask urself when u go to a brand new site, so i think adding that will create a place for me to answer all the questions and a place to gather my thoughts. -

Thinking back how i created XQ clay models which in turn started this blog, which was a very facinating journey. XQ travelled from Boat Quay and all the way to Taipei, making his marks and memories was incredibly enjoyable. Then now he had his own website, appearing in comics on papers... which was planned but just didn't guess it happened this fast. I can say it was luck and seeds i planted, starts to be sowed. I'm very glad i have a very supportive family and very supportive friends around me and now i have supportive fanz too~ with all that strength, XQ and I will strive, strive to be a new Singapore icon, Singapore's pride, where Singaporeans will be proud to tell the whole world, XQ is born in Singapore, our country, our home.

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applebox said...

its really been a LONG journey bro. good things will be coming up! :)