Friday, September 22, 2006

XQ in UK

Yep, XQ in United Kingdom UK~!

Thanks to Sze Sze to make this happen~! She pasted some stickers at different places~

No i neber bluff~ It's really UK~! Look at the building~!
Huddersfield was always known as a Market Town, since Saxon times, but since the local Polytechnic gained University status, certain 'Up-market' elements of the town have insisted on calling it a University Town. (Wikipedia)
Close up~
ok...i type till here, my room light black out... now using a table lamp to finish this post...
Sze told me she had trouble pasting this sticker, as it's very high up~ thx for the effort~!
London/Thames River
The Thames provided the major highway between London and Westminster in the 16th and 17th centuries. The clannish guild of watermen ferried Londoners from landing to landing and tolerated no outside interference.
Close up~
London/Thames River
London/Thames River
London Portobello Market
It's the mostfamous markets in the world and is internationally recognised for its second-hand and antique sections, mostly remembered from the Disney film "Bed knobs and Broomsticks" and more recently the film "Notting Hill". Its history and culture span approximately 300 years of existence. (
Close up~
Piccadilly, to the north is Mayfair stretching from Piccadilly Circus to Hyde Park Corner, is one of London's most famous streets. It contains a number of high class hotels, most notably The Ritz, and shops selling expensive luxury items such as Fortnum & Mason.
\The name Piccadilly arises from a tailor (Robert Baker) who sold Picadils - a type of stiff collar in vogue in the seventeenth century - in a shop in The Strand. He went on to purchase a lot of land and had a mansion built there around 1612, and this subsequently became known as became known as the Piccadilly Hall. Later the house was knocked down and a street built on the land.

Thanks again to Sze to take these wonderful pictures~ UK is really a nice place to visit with alot of Historical sites~ Hope to visit there myself, one day~ Envy XQ...
This is the little intro of the "XQ EverywherE Magnet Campaign" i'm coming up~ Placing XQ magnets anywhere and everywhere~! Magnets i believe will not be considered vadalism as it will not cause a permanent damage to a property, than stickers.... Those who would like to take up this mission~ please let me know~! I promise it'll be fun~! (if done with your friends)


pchu[ said...

szeeeeee why never pass my there~~!!

oh yah i no sticker hor..ermm ><

alson said...

i interested. want xq in rsaf bases? imagine ur xq on a F-16D fighter jet. hahaha! nah tats not possible. pass me some when i travel rockhampton this year end. i try help u paste!

XQ said...

ahhh.....not dun wan is cannot...
wait we go jail together... who look after XQ?
Ok i'll pass u some before you go~!

chup said...

XQ go jail no need passport one

shuangyuren said...

i might be goin to beijing tiz holi for my xchange programme ....want mi to bring XQ with mi??

XQ said...

ok guys since u all going overseas, i'll be glad to pass u some XQ stuff, but...
what do u think will be better?
Clay? Stickers? or Magnets?

alson said...

i tink stickers work for me. so i wun have to find metal stuff. just paste can liao. cheaper somemore.

shuangyuren said...

im all rite with anithing

XQ said...

Tristan, when r u going, i seriously need to do magnets le. XQ EverywherE Magnets Compaign coming soon~!
Will make more designs this time~!
Guys magnets will prevent u from trouble, it's better. Metal stuff are everywhere. if not, bring blue tack with u. can stick on walls~