Thursday, September 21, 2006

XQ Fanz~ -> Tristan <-

Can you tell us a bit about youself?
My name is Tristan ( or shuangyuren for my nickname) . im 15 yrs old student, a very laidback(or lazy) guy, also a fan for anything japanese.

How do you get to know XiaoQiang (XQ)?
I get to XQ through the comics in Lian He Zhao Bao, and i went to the address given. Then from its website, I found the blog. This is my first encounter with this little cockroach.

What's the first impression XQ gave you, and why?
Well, I was quite impressed to its creator. He is able to transform a pest that most people hate to something so funny and cute ! Then when i read the entries in the blog, my impression of XQ got better, he is such a interesting and funny cockrach!!

Where would you like XQ to appear in, in near future?
(eg: story books, comic books, merchandise, clothes, toys, etc)

I would like to see a variety of merchandise of XQ, like its keychains and HP accessories. It would be a great plushie for kids,and maybe its mascot at carnivals !! If possible, maybe XQ can have its own online games etc!

Any other comments?
No other comments for the moment

That's Tristan~ Welcome to XQ Club~ Feel so high when i impress ppl~~ hahahaha~! Keep the mails coming~! Don't be shy~! XQ Club is a friendly and nice community~! YEAHH~!!!!
(hope Mae is happy to c a handsome young fanz to join her~)


Hoong Moon said...

hello Tristan! welcome! welcome!

shuangyuren said...


XQ said...

yoz~ jus to let others who dunno, hoong moon is the comic artist who draws the comics that XQ appeard in, every sunday~

alson said...

hi tristan! so ur name is like 双鱼人!haha. welcome to the club! xq u better do some interesting updates soon ok haha!

XQ said...

Maybe he's Pisces mah~ hahaha~
I'm Libian~ 天平
you mean my updates...not interesting enuf ah...
okok... Artworks coming soon~~

shuangyuren said...

i make my fren fall in lub with XQ!

XQ said...

*evil grin*
ask him/her to email me too~
so that he/she can join XQ Fanz Club~ WOOHOHOHO~! THE MORE THE MERRIER~!!!!!!!!!
*evil laugh*

chup said...

she only hor

Mae said...

HeHe.. Yes, I am glad to see Shuangyuren's pix. He is such a handsome boy.. Oooh..... Yummy!

Going for xchange programme to Beijing? Can I go too?! Please!

XQ said...

so now....XQ blog become dating blog ah...