Sunday, September 03, 2006

XQ on 联合早报

Great news comes on Sundays~! & Great luck is pouring into XQ~!
XQ alias with 吴洪文 comic artist whose comics (小剑王)can be found on Sundays' 联合早报.
He added XQ into his comic as another character (小剑's pet).*NEWS FLASH*
XQ's website ( will be adding ARTWORKS section.
Which will include::
  1. Sketches - will showcase some old/new original sketches of XQ and friends
  2. Clay Models - all of XQ and friends' clay models will appear here.
  3. Friends' Art - Will have very unique styles of XQs, drawn by other artists~! If you wouls like to draw XQ in your own style, please email me the drawing, name, website link(if any) to
  4. Essay - Joining NOISE Competition gave me an inspiration to start having essays, (Chinese and English).


chup said...


but the XQ look abit diff in ur fiend comic. got waear cloth one.. wierd.

XQ said...

it's his version of it, i on't mind, it's like actors having different look and costumes in different shows~