Sunday, June 25, 2006

Day 73... Taipei Day 1 (Part 3)

Now starts to explore Taipei~
Equipment check~First Stop~! Taipei 101
101 stories above ground, that's how it got it's name .The exterior is created the impression of a bamboo stalk in the minds of many people are actually representative of gold ingots, used in ancient China as currency by royalty.

The shops inside is like Taka in Singapore...nice and ex...
Then we went to try their beancurd which can be found everywhere. Got over 20 favours to chose from~

Next Stop~ Night Market
It's situated quite near to Taipei 101, alot of things to eat, alot of shops to shop... all mixed together in one looong street.
Red man is normal...wait till u c the GREEN next update
Streets is full of these too~ very 'in' there, and throwing basketballs into the basket as fast as possible earning points to earn coupons...played this when i was in secondary sch...but there now is also very 'in'
HAH~! This is very cheap and nice! Can find this in Singapore too, but dunno if the taste is tt gd too~
End of Day 1

Day 2 we'll be going for to places full of treasures~

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