Sunday, June 04, 2006

Day 58... PC SHOW

Today went to Suntec Convention Centre for PC SHOW. On the way there we passed by a few Tourist Attraction places.
BEACH RD~ Other than my name i think this is the 2 words i write most...
South-East Asia's tallest hotel, is 72 storeys high. Hotel rooms are on 7th to 56th floor, 11 restairants, one on the 70th floor call JAAN. Last time there's a high tea restaurant call Compass Rose, a very romantic restaurant, you can see the panoramic view of Singapore, and there's endless sinful cakes, icecreams, bread, puffs, desserts....etc etc... but it's gone now.
Swissôtel The Stamford Website (view)
Referred to as “The Chopsticks”. The 61 metres tall memorial comprises four columns, which represent the four races, joined at the base signifying the unity of all races and is dedicated to the civilians of all races who were victims of World War II. The War Memorial Park is characterised by open lawn areas with Gnetum gnemon (Melinjau) trees lining the walkway leading up to the memorial from the four corners of the park.
Adapted from pagenation website (view)The concept which the architects came up with was meaningful and original. Suntec City was conceived as the left hand to the right hand that is Raffles Place, one of the oldest developed sites in Singapore and the nation's financial hub. Suntec City seeks an open-handed exchange of prosperity with Singapore through this gesture of connection. Read the full story here, with animation too~ (view)
Adapted from Suntec City Website (view)

Located on Level 6, the Convention Halls offer the largest column-free meeting area in Asia, spanning 12,000 square metres of total floor space. Multi-functional and flexible, the halls are used for conventions, exhibitions, banquets and concerts. They can accommodate up to 10,000 delegates in theatre-style seating or 10,600 square metres of exhibition space.
Adapted from Suntec City Website (view)

Security was tight there, at the bus stop there's police to maintain the order of traffic and jay walkers... 2nd floor at least 4 securites watching over the escalators...PC Show, at least 2 at the door, chatting and the rest looking at the skimpily dress chio model 'promoters'...

When i was inside...only can see people, litter and balloons...then i took quite some time to reach SCANDISK where i bought my 1GB SD CARD~S$45!

When i was squeezing my way through with XQ...i was imagining a big balloon of XQ floating, then a huge stall selling XQ products...wahhh


chup said...

hey i respect u alot

last day of pc show, crowded like fuck

still got mood take XQ


XQ said...

TT's y i only took a picture when i'm inside...

chris | pine said...

can photoshop XQ inside mar >:)

XQ said...

cannot la, a bit fake lehh
all my pics genuine one horrr~~

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XQ said...

I'll keep it updated and interesting as possible~!

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