Thursday, June 22, 2006

Day 70... Jan & XQ

Here's XQ spending some time with my youngest niece...Jan

yah~ nah Jan Jan let u play~!
wah Jan so clever! dun worryXQ~ will grow back one la~
hahahah~ *clap* *clap* hai siohai sio

ok return 叔叔啊~乖~
2-2= 0
in the end i took some time to look for the feelers...


I've touched up XQ before we go~GD AS NEW~ V


chup said...

hav fun in taiwan..
dun forget my magazine k

chris | pine said...

XQ feeler still look dented leh issit arrr??

Joe Joe said...

enjoy urself there..


XQ said...

In Taipei now, meimeis alot, magazine alot but dun have wat u wan... dun believe u come and look.
XQ where dent? crack got got bigger crack and lost a leg...
Will have a daily posts of this trip when i'm back~

chup said...

oi dun bluff
die also must find the magazine.

go ask the 7-11 mei mei