Saturday, June 03, 2006

Day 57... Tampines Coffee Bean

Today we went to Tampines Coffee Bean, to meet up 2 of my good friends, from Secondary School.
These types of Cafe are very commonly found almost every corner of every Shopping Mall, so we youngsters go Cafe, the more elder ones go they don't believe in spending S$4-6 to drink a cup of who is are idiot? Us or them?
(I personally dun like coffee, UNLESS, with CARAMEL~)AH~ This is my best female friend; AiFang.
(XQ is a lucky bxsxxxd, so many gals wanna take photos with him~hurmp!) This is my other gd friend; Don. (C LA C LA ANYOTHER ONE~ but, gd, more FANS~~~)
XQ din sleep the whole night...because of; CAFFINE!

Next time will compile a FANS of XQ, got quite a few wor~KAKAKAKA!


alson said...

man, i tell u, kopitiam coffee is the best lor i tell u. wat starbucks coffeebean spinelli tcc wat ever shit can never ever compare. if u really happen to savour a nice hot kopi gao, or kopi O, u realise coffee bean and gang are just plain gutter water. they are the shame of all coffee. the only ting swallowable is their expresso nia. and i have to drink them without sugar. i tell u, uncle ah ma aunty ah pek, they are the ones who noe where and wat the gd stuff are!

XQ said...
anyone else wanna vote?~

krissie said...

aiyo so cute

XQ said...

Hey Kristal~! I think u r the only non-chinese viewer here. So far can understand what i'm talking about?~

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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