Thursday, June 08, 2006

Day 62... 陳桂蘭街

Tan Quee Lan Street
A street just opposite Parco Bugis Junction, the most popular shop will be 天天火鍋. Half of my friends say it's nice the other half say the opposite, i wanted to try, but the place is always's easily full as the place is tiny.
Did a little research on Tan Quee Lan Street and found this link. (view)
Let me quote:
"Gangs of Chinese rowdies entered the brothels in Tan Quee Lan Street...and persuaded the women to assist them in throwing Japanese articles into the street where they were smashed up by the crowd."
This was published in 1919, during WW1. A lot of Chinese in Singapore were boycotting Japanese goods...wat a hectic time. Therefore from this article, we know that Tan Quee Lan Street was a street similar to Geylang... i can't find info of why it's call Tan Quee Lan...will be interesting, cause it's a woman's name.

There's a mysterious man in this pic, covering his face~
and behind Pepper Hill, there's Tobasco Hill~Opposite Tan Quee Lan Street, there's this huge open space, sometimes it's for funfair, there were once in 2006 Harbin Ice Wonderland was stationed there for almost 4 months. Now DHL Hot Air Balloon took over, it's very interesting actually, in the middle of the busy streets of Singapore, you see a hotair balloon in the sky...It's at $23 for a 10-minute ride for adults, and $13 for children, passengers will be sent floating up into the air on a balcony 40 storeys high~Just a street beside it, there's this 3 very similar name Steamboat restaurants...all call 重慶...all 正宗...all 老火鍋...just that the name in front is different...i heard it's these few partners doing this 重慶正宗老火鍋, split their partnership and they all went seperate ways but open similar restaurant with similar recipe...which one is the real one... beats me~
(anyone who knows pls tell us the whole story) old friends~old mates from TP, been through thick and thin together, did alot of stupid stuff too... hahaha~ it's gd to have these kinda friends who are willing to do stupid things and leave a deep memory for life. CHEERS~
鴛鴦- Madarin Duck + 火鍋 - Steamboat = MadarinDuckSteamboat
Ok this is really direct translation, 鴛鴦 in chinese usually means an affectionate couple to describe people and means twin/double to describe thing and objects. chim...


Samuel said...

Hey, this sat shall we have a BBQ at joey's house or steamboat outside? And when are we going to watch Silent Hill?

XQ said...

SMS me la, no need to tok here mah, we jus come back from the movie~ SILENT HILL MUST WATCH~!! SCARED ALSO WATCH~!