Sunday, June 25, 2006

Day 73... Taipei Day 1 (Part 2)

Here we arrived at Chiang Kai Shek International AirportWhile we were queuing for our passport to be chopped, we were taking photos and a plumb spec police shouted pointed at us “喂!不准拍照!” “喂!不准拍照!”...our reaction was...turned and laugh~ HAHAHAHAH! ...we neber die b4...nut it was actually quite funny at that moment...Then a friendly guy came to fetch us to our hotel~
His VanIt was almost an hour's ride...before we reach...
Quite a dangerous door...but grand~
welcome~we were very excited to c our room!

I can't how big and better a suite will be...
It's really very comfy and luxurious~first time to stay in Shangrila~
ha~ there's a lot of places to sleep, this is jus a place to hang around and read a book, enjoy the scenery

We thought it's an extra toilet but it turned out to be~! A walk-in wardrobe~!!
this TV anti climax...everything look so nice....but this TV look loc kok...but i watch World Cup with this heh~
Next very impt place~
HA~! A LCD TV IN THE BATHROOM!!!! WATCH TV WHILE BATHING/DA BIAN~ the container behind XQ contains salt to scrub the body~~~shiok
i only used the bath tub once cause it takes a long time to fill it up... and i stayed in there for an hour~wooooothe rest of the days i use this to bath, faster and easier
time to diet le ba...
The scenery is quite nice, esp we can see sunrise and sunset from this window~
heeheee~~END OF PART 2

Part 3 will be XQ exploring the streets of Taipei~


chup said...

u really sleep on sofa?

blackcurrent said...

Funny manz.
Comic style.
I like...:>

XQ said...

On extra bed la~

Joe Joe said...

wow..stay at shangri-la no wonder comfortable la. so shiok huh..

XQ high class leh, 1st time overseas stay in 5 STARS hotel already.

OMG!!! :)

XQ said...


ling007 said...

*er hem* <--- the wise one coughing
(aka the one who paid for the expensive 5-star, voted taipei's best hotel - Far Eastern Shangri-La Hotel) very expensive ah one night....the room per night can be used for flying to Bangkok for a 4 days 3 nights stay...

*er hem hem* most importantly, ma enjoys, vid enjoys and 'pai ka qiang' enjoys....oops, shouldn't review anymore.

Amos said...


i wanna go again~~really love that place, very fun!!!

XQ said...

will let u guys know y XQ got this name 'pai ka qiang' ....soon