Monday, October 23, 2006

XQ Supporter -> Catherine<-

1. Can you tell us a bit about youself?
I'm a current final year student at NTU, studying Biological Sciences (minoring in Chinese at the same time). Besides studying, I'm also working as a part time tutor, and working as a part time administrator in a tuition centre.

2. How do you get to know XiaoQiang (XQ)?
I've got to know XQ from Zaobao.

3. What’s the first impression XQ gave you, and why?
My first impression of XQ is that it is cute and adorable.

4. Where would you like XQ to appear in, in near future?
(eg: story books, comic books, merchandise, clothes, toys…etc)
Hopefully comic books.

5. Any other comments?
Keep up the good work.

Catherine's Blog

Happened to find Catherine was promoting my blog in her blog, by having XQ banner and having one of my Comic Diary in one of her post.

I know there are some people out there 默默 supporting XQ, but please let me know, drop me an email ( ) or post a comment somewhere, very happy to know people supporting us~


mae said...

Hmm.. XQ, why U never take pictures with your supporters de... That time U bluff me to take pix with U one is it.


XQ said...

cause she chose not to take mah...
and she and Slim falls under XQ Supporter not XQ fanz~ XQ fanz i'll try to ask them take pic~ heh~