Thursday, October 12, 2006

XQ in Cameron Highland

Courtesy of Mae~
*clap* *clap* *clap*

Mae: U better don’t finish my tidbits! If not, I’ll pull out your feelers!

We’ve reached after 9 hours of coach from Singapore!

Afternoon High Tea – Apple Pie!!

Eat too much, have to go to toilet

XQ: David, you thought that I am sleeping in this big bed? No lor…

XQ: i slept on the couch....

XQ: I want to call u to bring me back. But I forgot your HP no! T_T

Mae: You think U call for room service helps meh?

XQ at Tea Plantation!

Nice scenery lei!

We’ve come up to the Mossy Forest, 6666 feet above sea level! It’s not foggy, it’s the clouds!

XQ not interesting in this waterfall. Cuz it is so tiny. And nothing interesting!

We didn’t go for any farm trip cuz all the fruits and vegetables are already sold to the market liao.. Though Cameron Highlands has Strawberry farms but all botak already..

XQ at Selangor, Kuala Lumpur.

David, I told U that I will put XQ in the sun, didn’t I?!

But I treated him well, I bought him Kid’s Meal!

And also A&W Bear!


chup said...


吳洪文 said...


XQ said...

erm... i'll work on it~

Mae said...

Sigh... Don't know when is my next trip liao. ~ Sad ~ Cuz no one is free already!!!!!!

XQ said...

gd things have to end someewhere.
u still have XQ~