Monday, October 30, 2006

XQ Halloween Special~

Halloween Special Wallpaper~!
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Halloween Special MSN Avatar
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Syl said...

I like the wizard look-a-like one.. looks like "scarlet red". Also..the red devil..were u drawing me in my photoshoot pix u saw yesterday? Haha.. u got yr inspiration frm there? Lalala~~

XQ said...

haha~ ya took a bit of ur Wiz look for inspiration heh~ cute ma~ heehee~
The red one, devil leh... if take u for sample... then...mean u devil too? hahahah~! opps~ :X

syl said...

haha.. i didn't know i'm the source of your inspiration. SO HONOURED!! my pix yesterday.. red cheongsam + red knee-high boots and dark eye shadow.. don't look like devil? haha..

XQ said...

heehee~ np
hahaha devil ah~ where's ur horn?
and trident?

shuangyuren said...

if singapore gt halloween .....den ppl can go trick or treat !

XQ said...

haha~ i think 1 the kids go 1 block of flat, either exhauted till die or too much sweet to carry liao hahahaha~!