Sunday, October 01, 2006

XQ on 联合早报 NOW (5th week - 1)

YAYYYYY~~!!!!! XQ is back on 联合早报 NOW~!!!

Seriously it's not easy to be a comic artist,
  1. first you need to have a good skill of drawing
  2. have a unique style of drawing
  3. you also need to know the core of comic creation (too much to elaborate, i'll skip this)
  4. next is to think of a good story
  5. then you need to have nice, attractive, unique characters in the comic
  6. how to ink
  7. you need to know how to color
  8. use the right visual to express the story
  9. use tricks to enhance the visual
  10. to think of new ideas, almost everyday...
  11. how to make the comic funny (this is the most challenging part)
  12. how to make the story to be easily understood by everyone.
  13. how to sell ur comic
  14. where to sell
  15. who to sell to........etc
The above is just a rough sketch of what a comic artist go through, it's a tough job, most comic artists live on passion, passion brings you forward make you carry on even the toughest job in the world, but the fire wun be always burning, sometimes it will die down...or even burn out... then you need to find the fire back and light it on again, or you need to find a partner to light up the fire for you...
Like me creating XQ, it was tough, but it was a fun process, cause i have the passion. It's almost a yr now since XQ 'revived' last Christmas, the fire is still burning as there's a few people who kept giving me their support. You know who you are, as you are reading this post.
I wanna say Thank You! And continue to support XQ~

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