Tuesday, October 03, 2006

XQ Comic Diary ~木船~

More paises at Alson Blog
Official Website ARKCAFE 木船
Their performance dates:
5 Oct Thurs
14 Oct Sat
26 Oct Thurs
Cover Charge $15 (free drink, free song dedications, free aircon)
Opposite Clarke Quay MRT, visit the site for exact location~

I like the place as it's not likkkke, some bar, smokey, with noisy screaming band... we need to shout to hear the person beside u... at the end of the day, $ gone, voice gone + deaf...
Btw the place is vegetarian, no alcohol, no meat...
Tt's a good place to relax and listen to nice people singing nice songs~ they interact with the audiences too~~~ which i like best about, cause that leaves no gap between the performer on stage and the audience below~
XQ gang will most probably be supporting on Saturdays~!(if able, some thurs too) Those who wanna join us, please join us~! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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