Wednesday, December 26, 2007

XMAS 2007

SUNDAY 23rd Dec 2007 (Xmas eve eve)
9am woke up by my niece to wash XQ Mobil, i slept at 4am tt nite...1am i went to Joey's house jus to pass them Twisties! And the more tulan thing is the Twisties still on her table untouched! Sat nite i was making my present for my gift exchange partner (PJ) make till 1am, i need to let the clay the dry before i can go to next step...
DIRTY HANDS! Note: the jar is very dirty TOO! Dirty hands and legs!Note: the jar is CLEANED! Which is the most diffiicult part of the process, cause clay is water soluble, mus be very careful when cleaning!

To prevent myself from sleeping, i went to visit CW Alson Sam Joey, they playing mj...on the way i went to buy meself a Snickers, and a Twisties for them, jus in case they mouth itchy wanna bite something. I reach there they almost finishing their 1 round, and realize Juwind was sleeping on the sofa... 2am they finish up their 1st round and i went back home for my part 2! They continued to play another half a round...4am i decide to sleep, too tired!
Back to 9am, went to wash XQ Mobil till around 10am, went back home and continue making the present... not an easy present to make....BUT I PERSEVERE! LIMPS KEEP FALLING I KEEP PASTING IT BACK! JAR KEEP GETTING DIRTY I CLEAN IT BACK! PJ U BETTER LOVE THE PRESENT!
Finally....very clean...感动~~
We planned to go Tekka to buy our BBQ stuff at 1400, halfway through my painting, around 1330 i went to pick YM up at his place, and send him to his office to take somethings. And i realise i neber have breakfast and lunch....saw DIM SUM, immediately TABAO! And eat in the lian ba... 1415 reach Tekka and met up with Alson Joey Sam and CW at the food court below. Really HATE those multistory carparks that need to turn 3-4 floors before reaching the 1st floor of carpark...make drivers so dizzy! Then we went up 2nd floor SHENG SIONG, cheapest Supermarket in Singapore. We went to grab dry stuff 1st, like some punishment drinks....yucks, wire mesh, satay sticks, mashmellows, syrups. Then went to buy the wet stuff, hotdog, crabsticks, prawns, veg, but can't find stingray and mushrooms tt Alson wanna buy, so we went off to Suntec's Carrefour. Super crowded... so many ppl doing last min shopping, KAO! SHOP EARLIER LA! keke Carrefour, the very 1st Supermarket that occupies 2 huge storey space in Singapore many yrs back, it was a very big thing, but's very common... We bought Very big mushrooms and a few other veg tt Alson picked and corn, we din manage to find stingray...forget it! in the end noone will eat also! Then we bought alot of NATADECOCO~~ WERY NICE! Then we bought alot of chocolates for game prizes. Me CW and YM went to Minitoons to buy some other prizes, too much chocolates also scared.. After getting the prizes wrapped by the staff of minitoons, we went off to Joey's place to start some preparations of the food, est 1830. Sam Joey and Alson in charge of the food, me CW and YM in charge of preparing the prizes.
Sam Joey Alson bz in the kitchenFOOD!
Sam Cutting Veg
Poor prawns...Alson "KIO SAI" (Picking out shit from prawns- GD JOB!) Tt day's nickname Sushi Chef Alson

CW and YM preparing the lucky draw numbers and 偷吃 CHOCOLATES! DUN THINK I DUNNO!
Toto numbers, 1-100~!
Chef Sam
炸弹 POTATO, Me and Joey Prepared~
Chef Sam marinating the Sotong SUPER HOT! (Sam:"David, thumb the chilli c hot anot..." David:"orh... *thumb* *taste* *SPITFIRE~ROAR*, VERY HOT LA!" Sam:" Hot ah! Put somemore!" David:" SIAO AH!! MAI LA!")

Chef Sam was cutting the Sotong, and pulled out a transparent thing out from the body, IT'S SOTONG BONE! I took a look...look here look there look like corrugated board leh... feel like it looks like it, but it's really a bone.... spine of Sotong, my Bio experience point +1!!!! DING DING DING!

I ordered RITE PIZZA once we reach Joey's house, ordered Seafood and Vegetarian Pizza, jus to suit the 2 Fishytarians, it takes an hr to deliver, so by the time we finish preparing the food, the pizza came~ RITE Pizza is not famous but their Chicken Floss Pizza is FANTASTIC! MUS TRY! 68993838! Order $38 and above still got free drink! ONE FOR ONE TOO! Jus like Canadian Pizza! While having dinner, we discuss what game to play tml, CW had thought of the forfeit games, but we need some games for giving out prizes too! Then someone thought of playing Win Lose Or Draw game, GD IDEA, split into 2 teams and play against each other, will be full of fun and noises! But gotta go home and find a list of words to let them draw out...headache... After finishing the food, we decide to play a little MJ~ say 好好, 9pm finish, i gotta go back finish up my present, CW gotta go home too. HUR! 10pm then go home! 我们完全不守信用! I loss $3... No heart to play, cause got a present waiting for me to finish!

Went home, immediately finish up the painting and touching up. THEN VOALA! XQ CHRISTMAS JAR! With a little story in it~
CAN SEE THE STORY~!? It's XQ ski ski ski in snow then fly fly fly, then fall down.... scroll up and down faster can see the animation already....lazy to put in Flash :p COME BID BID! STARTING PRICE SGD$50! COME! BID!
Note the time at he bottom right hand corner, almost 1am then finish the present, still need to find the words for the games... theme is Movie Titles, so i search online till 2am then sleep... note the nite before 4am sleep... gd also la, enjoy my holiday the FULLEST! DUN SLEEP SO MUCH WASTE TIME ONLY

MONDAY 24rd Dec 2007 (Xmas eve)
9am woke up again, this time is to go to Post Office to buy Styrofoam, to protect my precious present from breaking, then went back home to change and went off to work, carrying alot of things... plus my laptop and cooler box for ice later on.
10-7 work, nothin much to talk about, jus tt I CAN'T BELIEVE IT CAN BE SO BZ IN XMAS EVE! SOME OTHER SHOP 2PM CLOSE LIAO!! XIE MU! some ppl dun even have to work lor... kao
1900 i got the green light to go off early, then rush to Joey's house, but on my way there, stop by 7-11 to buy ice and butter, i talk to the cashier in Eng, i wanna buy ice... then i realise she dun understand Eng... then i talk to her in Chinese...DING DING DING! ICE ACQUIRED! Then butter, i ask her "有卖牛油吗?" she looked at me puzzled...then i told her nvm i find it myself... cant find! *冷汗* Then gotta use another way to ask, "那种搽在面包的" she say "哦! 黄油" or something... FINALLY FOUND BUTTER! 有惊无险~ 1945 i reach Joey's place, the roadside was filled with cars, and i gotta park a few houses below, then Alson called and i asked him to help me with my stuff, many things to carry... I reach the door, and only saw Jolin there, ay where's everyone? Everyone else was in the kitchen doing some preparations of the food and drinks, they can't start without my butter and ice ma~ Me and CW then start to prepare the games, the words, lucky draw numbers, the prizes... lucky i brought A3 paper and marker, or else no need to play le. They were already starting to BBQ when me and CW were preparing the games, 果然是好朋友! Then we also joined in, Chicken wings were the best~ taste wery gd~! Otah Alson bought came second, very hot but nice~ Kebab meat was a bit too hard, Natadecoco was wery gd too, we mixed with grassjelly~ SOTONG WAS SUPER HOT! STUPID SAM! PUT SO MUCH CHILLI! WAN ME DIE AH! Mushrooms were nice too, i dun take mushrooms as a whole, big big ones, i like small bite size pieces, which they cut and mized with other muchrooms, they added oyster sauce and salt, wrap in aluminium foil and BBQ it, wery nice~! I din eat much, as i wasn't very hungry. Then Joey started to irritate us..."玩GAME LEH!" "玩GAME LEH!" Kept saying it from dunno 9pm till 10pm. 10pm we finally start our games~! WIN LOSE OR DRAW! AFTER A LENGTHY OPENING AND EXPLAINATION BY OUR HOST CW! And i was the video camera man, capturing every min of the game! We finally commence the game, 1st we draw lots, number 1-8 odd one side even the other. Pj, Karin, Jolin & Juwind one team, Joey Sam Jeremy & Alson the other. 1st to go! Ladies team, PJ the first one to come up, drew a lot, "TEARS OF THE SUN", then game came to a pause as some ppl scramble to grab their specs and dunno wat... PJ was already shouting out the words and the other team was covering PJ up, trying not to let their team members hear the ans HAHA~ SO FUNNY~! They start using pillow la, pulling one another la... i captured most of it~ can't wait for SAMUEL TO BURN IT! TIA DIO BO SAMUEL! FINALLY game resumes after no injuries or death, in 11 seconds their team guessed the correct ans... SO FAST....SO FAST RITE! NEXT TEAM, WE HAVEN'T EVEN PRESS THE START BUTTON ON THE STOPWATCH THEY ALREADY GUESS THE CORRECT ANS! KNS! Jeremy drew the lot, "ARMAGEDDON", he jus signal the word very long and the Joey jus shouted ARMAGEDDON... ME CW AND JEREMY SHOCKED! -1second got the ans correct! PUI! Then we kept playing, laugh laugh laugh shout shout shout, this time Joey kept irritatingly say 放弃leh! 放弃leh! to the other team...wakao SPORTMSNSHIP! The most memorable was the ladies team PJ drew "THE LAST SAMURAI", she kept doing the "拜拜", like what we do when we go temple take jossstick and "拜拜"...actually she's trying to act the "slashing" pose... we laugh till teeth drop, then she ask Jolin to come up for help, she see the words she also did the "拜拜".....aiyoh! Laugh till no tomorrow! Dunno who guess "The Last Monk" "THE LAST DUA PEK GONG"... Then they had a conflict, the ladies team ganna "40 yr old Virgin"... Jolin wrote sex and cross it, then they got to correct ans, the other team complain, say no writing words ma y they can write!~? I was neutral, virgin very difficult to draw or to draw a virgin?~! But they really cannot write words ma.... BUT THE 偏心 CW, give them the point! CHAOS BROKE OUT! All because of CW 偏心~~ lalalalala~ 不管偶的素~ i camera man~ We playing till around 11, took a break and gave out presents 1 point 1 present. Then me and CW swop, played another round, 1130 we stopped and by tt time everyone was very tired, all the shouting and laughing and acting! We sat around a while and prepare the gift exchange presents and fireworks~ 0000we went out to the street, played with the fireworks, take pictures, shout Merry Xmas to anyone who passes by and sniff in alot of smoke...cough cough! Then we went in, sat in a circle, and start exchanging presents. I gave to PJ XQ JAR, PJ gave to Alson BOXERS, Alson gave to CW BOXERS 2! Plus Car labels, CW gave to Jolin Perfume, Jolin gave to Karin Crabtree stuff, Karin gave to Juwind Rose bath or lotion, Juwind gave Yaoming Books, Yaoming gave to me SONY ERICSSON BLUETOOTH HEADSET!!! Joey gave to Sam A book on photography, Sam gave to Jeremy a fancy thing to hang photos and a 绝式好剑, Jeremy gave to Joey GV voucher card~ And Jeremy spell Joey as JEOY lor~! KNS好朋友!
We played 007~! Simple game one person say 0, point the other person say 0 then the other person point another person say 7 then the another person point to another person say bang, the another person's beside 2 persons mus say ah! SIMPLE RITE! Either u say the wrong thing or neber say ah! gotta drink~~~ got cucumber juice, 苦瓜juice, lemon juice, white snake dunno what water, 酸酶 juice, sour gel, Red bull......EVERYONE DRANK AT LEAST ONCE! Sam drank 5 times ahahahahah~! cause whenever joey ganna he gotta drink too! got gf play one jia lat i tell u, esp got 1 like joey, let bf die only! Sam 真幸福! Alson...cannot tahan sour, GANNA THE MOST SOUR DRINK! Very funny, he stood at the drain crying....好酸啊~~~ his 眼泪嚊涕流不停!Everyone was tired but when the game start everyone was pause everyone looks sleepy again, human really is incredible~! We played till around 230am, tired but fun~
I hadn't had so much fun since last Xmas, last xmas gathering was very fun, this is very better!


Joejoe said...

..."玩GAME LEH!" ....

i love X'mas! Bingo....
Ringo Loves X'mas too and oh oh...he Loves Alson too..haha :)

tomato said...

neber jio again

小风 & 小翔 said...

wah.. ringo raped me... i am his 'man' le... david huh nuh! i noe i organizer la! this year tio again, i tink god dunwan me to siam ah! hahahaha! love xmas!