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Our Hotel~

eat eat eat~~



1 DEC 2007 SAT
2130 Jeffrey Raymund Yaoming and i met at Golden mile after my work. Waited for a while in the waiting lounge and wrote our white cards. Bus came on time and we set off. We travel on a double deck bus through 2nd link, was surprisingly fast.

2 DEC 2007 SUN
After the 2 custom stops we all try to have some sleep before we make a pit stop somewhere in JB at 0030, it's a common stop tt every bus will stop to go to toilet, have a meal or to buy some snacks. There, we had Rumbly Burger tt Raymund kept insisting he'll eat in KL, RM4 each, each bought one except YM, he had a big bao...then we bought some snack and we set off again, straight to Genting Highland. 0410 we reached Genting Highland, wind was v strong, temp was v low, jus like wat all my friends described, aircon~ It's really like having the aircon on full blast and have a very big fan blowing at you. Everyone had our jackets ready for the expected weather but only Ray is so hero enough to only have his polo tee on throughout the trip! *clap*clap*clap The whole of Genting is connected indoors, so there's no need to walk out in the coldness, very smartly planned, as all corridors are filled with shops and they don't have to pay a cent for the aircon... We search for out hotel, which is quite a distance from the place we alight from the bus, we found the legendary DAYTONA, YM told us Ah Peks will sleep on it, as they wanna save on their $ to gamble no $ to get a room...Gambling is BAD! The place is filled with Xmas deco too, Xmas is my 2nd favorite celebrated holiday than Chinese New Year. Xmas have a very joyful feel, the songs, presents, toys, decorations, cool weather, and our Xmas party which is going to happen on East Coast, having BBQ and gift exchange and games~! Everyone will be around, laughters and fun! I hope it's as good as last year, last year was very fun, thx to Sam and Joey whom made it happened~! We found our hotel; Genting Hotel, but it was 430am, there's no one to checkout no rooms for us... we had to wait. We were stupid enough to take a stroll outdoors, which was freezing!!!! We saw a Lamborgini was took some pics with it, like kids seeing Mickey Mouse... Then we went in, and straight to the casino, me and YM was checked, we 2 looked too kiddish....sigh, not sure it's good or bad. Anyway, YM threw RM50 into slots and all of us threw RM10 each too, jus for the kick and kill time. In the end, Raymund loss RM10, Jeffrey won RM5 YM won RM8 i loss RM10... it's fun but all of us knows slots are there to eat ur $, it's controlled electronically to let you win a little and then eat up all ur $, big prizes will be won after it hit its quota. By the time we left the casino it's 0630, we saw sunrise, so we left for the nearest exit to get a better view, it was more freezing than jus now, as we are at a multistorey carpark.... a few storeys higher and no buildings to block the wind... 0730 we went to have breakfast at a buffet restaurant just next to our hotel lobby. It serves local, nonya, chinese, western, indian, jap, but they mixed all the country up, western became indian, chinese became indian, jap became a storage space... overall the food is free hotel breakfast buffet standard, means it's the same as all other hotel breakfast buffet in the world... nothing special about them, like someone set standard dishes for all hotel breakfast buffets... sad. 0900 we tried out luck for a room, failed... so we went shopping around...1130 finally we get a room! All of us were so tired, i barely slept 3 hrs on the bus, the rest is jus as much. 7055 is our room number, we threw out luggage in, wash up a tiny bit and went straight to bed! Jeffrey was the 1st to snore...zzzzz 1630 wake up time! Everyone went to wash up and find a place to eat~ KFC! Jeffrey's treat! We all ordered Zinger Burger with 1 piece chicken meal with Coke Float, Singapore KFC should have tt too, then i dun have to think which to order... Zinger or 2 piece chicken~!? 1830 we went to play archery, which i always wanted to play, RM28 for 3 person with 30 arrows each, me YM and Jeff played, Ray was the cameraman. It's fairly simple, jus pull and shoot, but getting the target is difficult and ur hands shakes when you pull the bow, it was a 10m target and we have difficulty getting the arrows on the target boards, imagine the 100m used on competitions... 1900 we went to play bowling, my last bowl was in my sec sch days... and i'm the 1st to go... totally forgot how to walk and throw the ball... 1st game was very bad 1 spare for me 71pts... Ray was gd, he hit the 3 digit mark, YM knows how to play but kept going in the drain, Jeffrey knows how to play in theory but not practically... Then we went to casino again, we spread around, i watched how some people bet 500 on a bet and lost... how people threw in money time and time again... then i found Ray at Taisai table, chewing his gum and watching the table, then he told me he lossRM75 slowly become RM200, he won and loss but more loss than won, then he bet a big one and won back all his $, then YM came and told us he won RM1.5k on 3 card poker, i din have the guts and $ to play so i just watched on. YM went back to play 3 card poker and loss till his winning was RM400 better than nothin... i joined the casino member and played slots...loss RM10 in 5mins... CHEAT PPL ONE! Then we left the casino, someone handed Ray a free 3 arrows coupon for archery, which is located very ulu behind an escalator... then we had some noodles in Only Mee...lousy food, just good enough to swollow. Then we went back to hotel at 0220, wash up and sleep...zzz

3 DEC 2007 MON
0900 We reluctantly wake up, wash up and prepare to check out. After we check out we went to buy out cable car tix to the bus terminal located at the foot of Genting. Then we grab out breakfast, hotdogs at 1901, the aunty is very friendly the hotdog is nice too. Then YM went to buy the book about the founder of Genting. 1030 we sat on the cablecar and took a almost 30min ride down the hill, the longest cable car ride in my life and in SEA. We bought bus tix to Puduraya at 12noon, but realise there's a better and nearer terminal to our intended hotel, so Ray went back to change it, the Pudusayat or something...which is nearer to Bukit Bintang, the Orchard Rd of KL. The bus came on time, we hopped on and sat quietly for 1hr to KL. We reach the terminal, and bought our tix for tomorrow back home. We bought 5 Star, and got the best coach, with TV and games to entertain us on our trip home, RM60 each. Then we scramble to find our hotel, which only Ray knows, which is dangerous cause he always brings us to Holland... in our past experiences. This time he brought us straight to our hotel, with some friendly ppl to guide us along. Agora Hotel, 2 or 3 star, Triple room, means we need to squeeze... room is far smaller, lousier than our room in Genting which was 5 star...DUH! We even found some inscriptions on the wall wrote some girl loss her virgin to some guy there... means we need to check the bedsheets if it's dirty... KL agenda was to go Sunway lagoon. We we went straight there after we put down our luggage. 1345 we took a cab jus outside our hotel, and the kid driver wanted RM30 each person... then cut to RM20, then we said no, we wanted to go down straight but he brought us 100m ahead across the road and demanded for RM10... we alight and slam the door behind us... taxi all over the world jus love conning tourist $... we hail another cab and this friendly uncle willing to take us there for RM40, it was a 35min ride, quite far from our hotel. 1430 we reach Sunway Lagoon, the place is huge. Each paid RM44 for normal rides and Extreme Park, Ray kept insisting on going to ride this all terrain sand buggy... we went in put our bags into locker, RM3. Our 1st ride was roller coaster, to get our blood rush and our feet wobble. Then we went to find the sand buggy, which is located right at the other end of the park, too crowded, so we try shooting paint balls...not easy to shoot on target... then we kayak, also something i always wanted to try. It really is a good exercise for the arms and fun, but we kept rowing in circles... Buggy finally! Turns out to be a total let down... 1st we never went into the sandy area, only pavements... the buggies were in a bad shape... and we were riding very slowly behind the instructor... after the dry rides, it's time for water rides! We went back to our locker put our shoes and clothes and spent another RM6... it was 1630 and the park closes at 1800 , so we need to rush the rides... but only 1 ride was worth the trip and $, the one we sat on a float and slide down, was v fun and Ray loves it so much tt we went back to take it again. We wanted to get a float on our own but it costs RM20... we din get it as it's closing soon, we wun get to play it much... we sat on the pool which creates waves, thinking of going back to reality tomorrow is really a drag... soon it was 1800 and we went back to grab our stuff and washup. We went to find our dinner after we exit the park, at Sunway Pyramid, a shopping centre. It's quite a boring place...nothin much to see, except there's dunkin doughnuts and a place to ski in the basement, which explains why the place is to cold... We had wafers, YM's treat, we intended it to be a light meal before we had our main later, but the wafer served is quite a large portion... 2000 we reach our hotel. We put down our stuff, lie on bed...and relunctantly went out again to find our satays at 2030. We went to Sungei Wang, which is just down the street across the road. There sells alot of electrical items, and DVDs, Ray bought a Futurama series and a Sponge Bob stuff toy for his mum, Jeff bought a few PS2 games ^^. We came out, in search for our satays...we walked one huge round and found out that the satay stalls are jus down the road from our hotel...-_-''' Around 2330, we went back to hotel, we were all very tired, Ray wanted to chill out at a bar or cafe but we voted to go back to hotel to rest instead. At our hotel me and Yaoming took out his FHM poker cards to play 3 card poker, very fun game, which winning is big but not easy, 1 hand can win back all loses. Then Jeff and Ray joined in, jeff loss everything plus loan, i won 1k+ Ray won 2k + Ym won a few hundred, IN PAPER! Around 2am, KNOCK OUT!

4 DEC 2007 TUE
We din set alarm, wake up time is own time own target, i woke up and found YM snoring beside me... but finally woke up at 1030. 1130 we check out and went back to Sungei Wang, as Ray realise he bought a series tt he had... Everytime he want to buy a DVD gotta wait for 15min, as the DVD is delivered from elsewhere. Then Ray gotta report to his gf, and left the 3 of us walking around... by the time we went back to find him, he's gone... then we search for him, and YM is the only one got Roaming, so either we find him or we pray tt he'll be smart enough to call him. Yup he's smart enough, the call came and he already collected his DVD and met him at the ground floor. Then we went Lot 10, nothing much there, high class shopping centre...then Parvillion, higher class shopping centre... but we managed to grab a bite at PizzaHut in the basement. Next stop was Petronas Twin Tower Skybridge Visit, we took the skytrain there, jus a few stops ahead, but the stop is far away from the tower... the walk was around 20-30mins, then we missed Genting's weather, KL was very hot. 1430 we reach Petronas tower. We went to check out the Tix for the Skybridge Visit, but it's out of tix, as there's a limit to how many people can visit the bridge for the day. Then we went to the Exhibition Centre to see how the bridge was built etc. Then Ray found a phone and called his ex colleague who is working in Petronas tower as an editor, and he can bring us into the tower and we can go to the bridge to take pics. He came down shortly and we signed in to get a visitor pass, but i wasn't allowed to go in as i was wearing bermudas, and Ray was stopped too as his jeans is torn... MISSION FAILED! Then we took a cab back to our hotel as our luggage are still there. Then took another cab to the bus terminal, to catch our 1730 bus. The bus is a double deck bus, we gotta put our luggage in the 1st level and sat at 2nd level, the journey was 5hrs, we reach Golden Mile around 2300, we did 2 pit stops 1 for toilet break another for our dinner. The bus is euipped with TV and games but my controller wasn't working so i watched a few movies instead.
Overall is was a very fun trip , especially with lame and crazy friend, fun and laughter non stop. I hope this will not be the last trip, as we are older now and once get married, we are less likely to go out on a trip like this again. Lets go more often before we are jailed by the rings......



chup said...


how long u spend to type?

but u get some figure wrong, like my winning :P

XQ said...

Phone Camera with Date and time, v easy to remember what we have done at wat time. Spent 3 nites to type all tt! kakakakak!

PiYaNo said...

wee... i'm gng to gentin next monday...

erh... u smuggle xq over ar... tsk tsk :p

XQ said...

WAH~ going to Genting! Bring more clothes! Really very cold there!
XQ hid in my bag one, i din wanna bring him along, not old enuf to enter casino~

Only Look said...

Wow! Interesting, and the food...this blog makes me hungry.