Friday, May 25, 2007

XQ on a bike

Small one in the front~

And a big one on the fuel tank, with a little story behind it~
(ignore the tank cap...)

Thanks Andrew for letting XQ to be one of the characters to be on ur bike~ kekekeke


chup said...

how u bribe them de?

alson said...

thank you dude... for the xiaoxiang and xiaofeng stickers. i'll make sure i paste them somewhere i can get to see them everyday. hoho.

juwind said... my dear alson..thanks so much of the xiaoxiang and xiaofeng stickers..i will paste it at my guitar and take a picture of u soon :)

XQ said...

Chup - Din bribe la wakao~! He wanted a few cartoon characters on his bike, then he ask me to draw one with he and his gf lor~ kekeke

Alson, Juwind - no problem~! Tt day was very free anyway... might as well spend the time to make other ppl happy. YAH~! Please take a pic of it, best is u both with the sticker. kekekeke~ will ask Joey to take her's too~

Joejoe said...

Wow...indeed its a big step for XQ to go Mobile....:>

Samuel said...

WOw, just like Microsoft previous slogan : "Enabling technlogy on any device and any where"

Xiaoqiang now already on MSN, Blog, Singapore, etc etc.

XQ said...

kekeke, lets make XQ EverywherE~!

PiYaNo said...

xq is my laptop wallpaper now... aft readin abt it in stomp... hook to it le... :P

XQ said...

Yah i saw ur reply in stomp~
Thank you for your support~!
Spread the words around~
And stick around~! You are welcome, always~

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