Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Stadium Photos



juju said...

eh! got feel leh the pixs..nice nice! i like that fallen leaf laying gentlely on the ground and the clock lost in time..

but can go in one meh? i wanna go there to shot shot some pix too..maybe sun we all go there??

XQ said...

thx~ both the clocks stopped at 7:45, not sure if it's am or pm...
and the place really stopped there in time.
When i stepped into the stadium, it overwhelmed me, the vastness of the stadium and the emptyness.
Anyone can go in, we even found a little secret place to view the city neons, heehee. Closes at 8pm. Sam got some better pics, waiting for it.

alson said...

the pics no nid to say, they are overwhelming. i love the poetry part, guy u can write! got feel. nicely done dude~

Samuel said...

Wah! Where got better picture then you? I expired photographer leh. I like the angle which you took the clock. Sian. I got no time to finish more areas of the stadium. I think sunday cannot lah, sunday need to do so many things. David needs health check, joey's friend needs health check. Stadium need to go around 5plus. So that the colors will be nicer and more feel. Well, its gonna be gone soon. Maybe next sunday I dun mind :) (if I still happen to have my camera)

XQ said...

alson thx~
if u go there u can feel the feel, really~!
Sam thx too u not expired la, jus dormant, waiting to erupt. Yah this sun got alot of activities man, kekekeke. Looking forward to it, counting down, 3 days to go~! YIPPY!~!~!~!~!

juju said...

okie since this sun not suitable to go there then set on next sun then.
ya..forgot to say, thumb up for the poerty part '',

joejoe said...

wow..i like the last pic...BEST!
very colorful..just like my make up palatte!